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Directed by : Navneet Behal

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The story of Babu and Munna and their cute yet twisted love story with a backdrop filled with gangsters, violence and crime. Truly a 'Kamino ki DDLJ'.


“Tamanchey attempts at being a coming to age story, but fails at the execution despite an earnest attempt. Even with Richa Chadda's good performance, the movie comes off as below average. ”

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Nikhil Dwivedi


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  • Gross: INR 1.47 cr.
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Youtube the RD Burman track, its the best part of the film!

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Lets admit it, how many of us are jumping at the opportunity to go watch Nikhil Dwivedi on the big screen & pay top dollar for it?

No one actually. But even then, when I saw the trailer of Tamanchey, I was genuinely impressed. It looked like a small film with a lot of heart. But alas, when I walked out of it, I was irritated, frustrated & pissed off with the makers for serving me this substandard fare with wasted acting talent.


1. Pyar mein Dil pe Maar de goli. Super track, decent remix, good fun.

2. Interesting start & setup but all downhill after.

3. Some moments of chemistry between the lead pair.


1. Absolutely wasted acting talent, especially Richa, who is toally off here.

2. Being bold doesnt just mean talking like Bholi Punjaban, it needs to have some substance & reasoning, which is missing.

3. A cliched & confused love triangle play that totally derailed a half-watchable film.

4. An agonizingly stretched climax. Believe me you'll keep looking at your watch.

5. Confused between being rustic, urban & noir, this one goes all over the place.

To sum it up, I dont think this had the potential to be much more because the story post 20 minutes is contrived, unoriginal & boring. The acting is patchy and honestly, the best part of the film is something one could watch on youtube. Heck, watch the original track & its more fun than this film.

Strictly Avoid!

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