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Tere Mere Phere

Tere Mere Phere

3.4 221 Ratings

Directed by : Deepa Sahi

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Tere Mere Phere is a story about a newly married couple, Pooja and Rahul, who have a perfect love affair and a perfect marriage and go on a perfect dream honeymoon in a motor home driving through the breath taking Himalayas. But how can life ever be perfect. Inter woven into this is the equally hilarious story of Jai, a small...more


“From mediocre performances to an age old treatment, Tere Mere Phere suffers from several glitches. Only its fresh story idea and astounding camera work make it a one-time watch.”

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Vinay Pathak

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  • Gross: INR 0.66 cr.
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Tere Mere Phere Audience Review

A modest spark

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Mehul Suri (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Tere Mere Phere is an interesting concept of a film and has some truly genuine first time cinematic moments. Deepa Sahi (of the Maya Memsaab fame) makes a sweet little debut with this light romantic comedy. Although it would be fair to say that neither the romance nor the comedy rise above the ingeniousness of the idea.

Vinay Pathak hijacks a newly wed couple's honeymoon RV and forcibly takes them to stop his girlfriend's wedding. However the couple who were so in love only yesterday have suddenly become sworn enemies on their honeymoon. They fight at insignificant things which may seem totally inconsistent with the story or the characters, but a few married folks in the audience laughed. I guess it takes one to know one. Anyway finally when they reach their destiny, after what seems like a journey to China, Pathak decides he doesn't want to get married since married couples fight all the time.

The film packages the age old "shaadi ka ladoo" with a fancy little road trip ribbon and the idea of honeymooning in an RV, cruising the hills of India does seem exciting. But at the end of the day, its the same stale ladoo that doesn't offer anything new. Newcomers Jagrat Desai (who incidentally is also the co-writer on this film) and Sasha Goradia look amateurish and sometimes their fights seem monotonous and rehearsed. But that's also because what they are fighting about is as trite and mundane as the umpteen films on the ill effects of matrimony. Vinay Pathak is Vinay Pathak although he doesn't get as much screen time as the other two and after Challo Dilli looks a little dreary.

Special mention for Riya Sen. I did not want to watch the film after seeing Riya Sen on the posters, as I could not bare the thought of seeing her in a two hour long film. She proved in her 5 minute outing in the entire film why my fear was true. She destroys whatever little good work was done before her, which mind you was not a great deal to begin with.

The film's camerawork is good and the hills do come alive. Cinematographer Christo Bakalov has earlier worked on Samsara which too was shot beautifully in the mountains. I guess its his specialty and kudos to the debutante director for choosing him.

Do I recommend it? The film has a contemporary heart with a vintage soul and will find many takers looking for an amiable time pass. A good date night movie or a fun family outing.

2.5 stars

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