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Directed by : Priyadarshan

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One man is out to get back what was unjustly taken away from him. The other is willing to do whatever it takes to stop him in order to serve justice. Both are pitted against each other and both are pitted against time. Lives have already been destroyed and more lives are about to be devastated as a train speeding from Glasgow...more


“Even with an interesting plot and a bunch of seasoned actors, the movie is far from thrilling. There are a few stimulating action sequences and car chases but most of them seem forced in the movie’s setting. All in all Tezz remains a slow ride!”

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  • Gross: INR 15.92 cr.
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A Collosal Mistake

| by Ameet Bhuvan |
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Director Priyadarshan had said in an interview before Tezz released that the Mallika Sherawat item song was not his idea and was forced in by the producres. Watching Tezz makes one wonder if the entire film was not his idea in the first place and was forced in by some nut case on steroids.

The list of problems and mistakes with Tezz is endless. For starters, the very premise of the movie is unbelievably juvenile. An illegal immigrant,. Ajay Devgan, is deported back to India from London. He decides this is "unfair" and "unjust" and comes back to avenge the incident and clear the criminal's tag from his name. How? By setting up two bombs on a London glasgow train. A kindergarten kid can have better ideas of avenging more legitimate insults and injustices done to him.

So going with the inane plot, every scene and dialogue is consistently bird brained. Performances are equally pan faced-Ajay Devgan sleep walks through London streets, Anil Kapoor tries best to make up for the blink and miss fiasco of MI4 and Kangana hams it like nobody's business. Lest i forget, somebody needs to drill it inot Zayed Khan's brain that he cannot act for the love of god. And kill the madcap who thought of covering up Sameera Reddy from head to toe and remove her only USP as an actress from her.

Two hours and few more excruciatingly painful minutes later, Tezz snails through its drab storyline, making you wonder how four national award winers (Devgan, Mohan Lal, Anil Kapoor and Kangana) could actually come together to make something this disgustingly tasteless and insipid.

Given a choice between getting shot and watching Tezz, chose the bullet, atleast that would be faster.