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Directed by : Anubhav Sinha

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Thappad is a drama movie directed by Anubhav Sinha and stars Taapsee Paanu in the lead role

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Taapsee Pannu


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Rated 4.0 / 5
by Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Let this reviewer first set the plot in perspective,giving four options to unravel the ' likely outcome' in the climax( for the viewers to guess without viewing it ),do view to compare with your choice.
Vikram,a workohlic corporate guy ,has hosted a party to celebrate his promotion cum transfer from Delhi to London.During the celebrations he receives a call.What?
He feels annoyed and in a fit of anger his slap lands on his spouse Amrita.
She feels insulted.Her Lotus glow appearance and lively behaviour gets converted into how dare u?Till the end she's subdued,annoyed and uncaring towards the hubbie and her mother in law.
All attempts are made to make the wife just forget the issue as a ' given'.
The issue is - does she forget it as a ' one off' outburst with zero mens rea?Does she lodge a case under the Domestic Violence Act? Does she seek seperation? Does she seek a divorce?Does she settle for alimony? Equal division of property? or else?( by now she's got pregnant,does it lead to the husband accepting the unborn child? The custody issue? Abortion? Charging the spouse for infidelity? or else?).
What's the choice exercised? Never seen in Indian cinema.Go see for yourself.
The main leads are brilliant.Natural.Believable.Though unconventional.
The moral of the story- sons are never taught to be sorry by their parents. The girls are always tutored to be submissive,never defy the hubby and cover up the matrimonial home.
Is a look in/ review required?
To me the first 20 minutes could have been cut .They are redundant.The remaining 2hours run time would still have kept the plot tight.
This reviewer saw the movie with misty eyes .
The director could have realised that one doesn't ride bikes in the capital city without helmets.
Also,all husband's need not be presented as wife beaters.
The new age male lead( a look alike of Jaspreet Bumhra in this case,a brilliant and sanskari debutant,but on the receiving end) could be a bearded one,not clean shaven.
The main question makes us think- does women empowerment necessarily weaken the family bonds?

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