The Attacks of 26/11

The Attacks of 26/11

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Directed by : Ram Gopal Varma

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  • Critics Rating 2.3/5
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The Attacks Of 26/11 is based on the 2008 attacks in Mumbai. It is the cinematic interpretation of the tragic events of 26th November, when 9 trained terrorists held Mumbai hostage for 60 hours causing Mumbai under terror.


“The Attacks of 26/11 is a disturbing reconstruction of the terrorist attacks and one of RGV's better films. Watch it if you can sit through an intense experience.”

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Sanjeev Jaiswal


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  • Gross: INR 15.42 cr.
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Terrorism porn

Rated 0.5 / 5
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To depict and chronicle important events in the history of a nation through cinema as a medium is both necessary and important to the collective memory of a people. To go ahead and make a macabre insensitive mockery of something as abominable as the 26/11 attacks of Mumbai is not just deplorable but also should be punishable by law. RGV deserves the gallows for playing with the sensitivities of everyone in such a dastardly tasteless fashion as the movie.

RGV chooses to tell his tale through the eyes of the joint commissioner of Mumbai at the time of the attacks as he disposes between a commission. Nana Patekar plays the commissioner in what is perhaps the only mentionable attempt at acting in a film that cries for some sensible performance. What follows are slo mos of terrorists sltting the heads of men, women, children, spilling shiny blood all acorss the screen for about two hours before Kasab is hanged and the misery comes to an end.

Now there is no denying the gore of the attacks and the macabre dance of death that the nation saw for three days. What is questionable is that is it necessary to sit through all of it in such insensitive depiction with pop corn in hand? That too when RGV decides to cast absolute nitwits in pivotal roles who laugh like a hyena (kasab in an embarrasingly juvenile sequence) or smile uncontrollably as the camera pans at them when they are actually listening to Nana recount the horror in deposition! What was RGV thinking?

There have been films like Black Friday, Parzania, which have chronicled dark days of our history with finesse, not once masking the severity and gore of it all yet managing to jolt your consience, not revolt your gut into puking. RGV does the latter, with impunity of a terrorist himself- as deadpaneed and mechanical in his filming as perhaps the attackers were. The atttackers were not humans, is a known fact. What went wrong with RGV though?

Two gruesome hours after as i walked out of the theatre, I was wondering how a film like this gets released in the screens while the censor board sits cutting songs and midriffs in scenes from other films! RGV is a sick man who needs help. If this film does'nt make you believe me, try watching the trailer of his enxt, Satya 2.