The Film Emotional Atyachar

The Film Emotional Atyachar

2.6 63 Ratings

Directed by : Akshay Shere

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  • MJ Rating 2.1/5
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An emotion packed entertainment bonanza, The Film Emotional Atyachar, is an off beat story of two identical cheats and two corrupt-cunning and ruthless cops.

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  • Gross: INR 0.97 cr.
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Lock, Stock & NO Smoking Barrels!!!

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'The Film Emotional Atyachar' is a title that has little to do with the film other than perhaps try and setup some association with 'Dev.D'. So it borrows without reason or thought just on the assumption that it looks or sounds "hip" & "cool", much like what transpires in the rest of the film.

The plot kicks off on the Goa-Mumbai highway where a wounded man (Mohit Ahlawat) stumbles into the path of a clueless businessman (Anand Tiwari) bang in the middle of the night. Through flashbacks in a non-linear narrative pattern we learn the truth of the matter and how the wounded man came to his current predicament. Two crooked Goan cops (Vinay Pathak & Ranvir Shorey), a casino owner in heavy debt (Abhimanyu Singh), his moll (Kalki Koechlin), a trio of bumbling thieves (Ravi Kissen & others) & a bag full of money cross each others paths at specific intervals to sporadically pump some life into an otherwise strictly by-the-numbers plot.

The movie is a watered down, unholy mixture of atleast half-a-dozen crime/thriller flicks from across the globe, especially from the work of Guy Ritchie. The plot infact assumes itself to be smarter than it actually is, so inspite of the intermittently amusing broken non-linear narrative that's prevalent throughout the plot holds little in ways of surprises. However certain situations make little sense since objects are acquired at convenience to allow characters to wriggle themselves out of a tight spot far too often.

Dialogues like many Hindi flicks of the day are laden with expletives and double references which obviously everyone in the film industry thinks works; sadly much of the dialogue just comes off as wannabe-'ish' & rarely funny. The stylish camera work & grim-looking color tinting pays off in creating a gritty, dirty atmosphere but most movies from the genre these days do the same these days.

Do not even get me started on the insipid & utterly forgettable single song present, which also brings me to the film's short running length. The running length though barely at around an hour forty five minutes still feels longer thanks to the inability of the story to hold your attention or make you care about the characters or their situations.

The acting varies from "walking in their sleep" to "putting in an effort". Vinay Pathak & Ranvir Shorey simply do a rehash of nearly every role they have played and frankly watching them do the same dance over and over again is getting staler by the day. Kalki Koechlin still cannot act to save her life and her presence in the movie I guess, has more to do with the title and 'Dev.D' connection than anything else. Ravi Kissen & his team of fools are the only real saving grace of the film thanks to some twisted situations and one-liners.

There's little I can recommend in this flick beyond a few jokes spaced far apart & maybe the non-linear narrative which makes things interesting for the first thirty minutes or maybe the snazzy look and feel of the film. The movies wanton need to appear smarter & cooler than it actually is fails to cover up a sordid lack of a tangible plot & credible character development. You'd be better off waiting for it to arrive on DVD.