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Directed by : Rajesh Pillai

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Traffic is 2016 Hindi thriller film directed by Rajesh Pillai. It is a remake of the 2011 Malayalam film of same name.


“A slightly better execution to this potentially taut script could have done wonders!”

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Manoj Bajpayee


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Speed Breakers On The Highway

Rated 2.5 / 5
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Traffic is one of those kind of movies that hold enough firepower to keep you hooked throughout its brief runtime and yet when you come out, there's a sense of curtailed dissatisfaction. Directed by Late Rajesh Pillai, the same filmmaker who helmed the original Malayalam version of the movie with the same name, Traffic is a story of 10 odd characters that come to a crossroad for a day in their lives. Starring the likes of Manoj Bajpayee, Jimmy Shergill, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Divya Dutta, Parambrata Chatterjee and more, the film tries to build a web of characters and how they counter each other for one common purpose.

Since the film is a fast paced thriller, there's little to give away here for the plot. Although, if put in a nutshell, Traffic showcases a next to impossible mission of journeying from Mumbai to Pune in a peak hour traffic in just 2.5 hours. The journey to be made is to get Divya Dutta's daughter a heart so she could get a transplant just in time. However, in doing so, there's not just one but as many as five stories involved.

Traffic is a movie that should have stood strong to its name, instead it engulfs too much of drama and emotions to sort of build up on the tension. Only the makers don't realise they are diluting down the thrill and edges of the narration. After a point of time, I really stopped counting the number of times Divya Dutta and her husband said, "mai apni beti ko khona nahi chahti". It's not as if the film had already made huge promises to set you up for something big, but for a movie with such an exciting pool of actors, you expect to give them a script a notch higher.

Traffic entertains without a doubt, it is those dragging and sometimes unnecessary set of sequences that impede it to being that edge of the seat tale that it had the potential of being. Each and every actor has delivered exactly what they were hired to do, and Manoj Bajpayee walks away with most points yet again.

Traffic seems to have fallen victim to some of its own shortcomings. It's like you're out on the highway enjoying a swift ride, but a flat tyre weighs it all down!

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