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Tu Hai Mera Sunday

Tu Hai Mera Sunday

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Tu Hai Mera Sunday is a heartwarming story of five friends trying to escape the madness of everyday life and their trysts to find happiness and love.

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Barun Sobti


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The Sunday Slot.

Rated 2.0 / 5
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Sunday is that day of the week when all are at ease.There's less work pressure,one gets time to socialise,do cleaning and mopping up operations and offcourse partake an outdoor activity like playing football and other cultural interests.Even the media has sponsored mini marathons for a few Sundays.
The movie under review has a bunch of youth who play football at the beach,in the streets,in parking lots and even spacious terraces.But why not in a stadium or designated sport centres? It's because our cities have no vacant spaces left.We live in ' concrete jungle's' where each inch is priced in crores.All kind of vested interests 'side' with the builder lobby.
It's only when one of the football enthusiast wins an election,that too shown in the climax does the leading issue get highlighted.For the rest of the running time the focus is on inter- personal relationship,which are many in numbers ,that the 'space for outdoor sport's gets dilluted.
A Berkeley management guy Arjun Anand( Baran Sobti) is in an relationship with Kavi Ranganathan ( Shahana Goswami),a Parsi office goer (Nakul Bhalla)is prepared to be fired from his job all because he empathised with his woman colleague ( Pallavi Batra) whose being harrassed by her employer,there's a Muslim guy Rashid ( Avinash Tiwary) has a soft corner for his neighbour Tasneem( Rasika Duggal) whose husband has deserted her,there's a Christian guy Dominic ( Vishal Malhotra) whose disrespectful to her old mom,there's a Gujju Jayesh Garodia( Jai Upadhyay) whose tied up to puja's rather than socializing with his friends.
An outdoor trip to Goa acts as a balm to bring reconciliations in ' dysfunctional relations'.
The point is highlighted that metro need more vacant spaces as a policy to encourage outdoor activities more so in Sundays,an off day for many.

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