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Tumbbad is a fantasy horror fim from the same team that brought you Ship of Theseus

Tumbbad Audience Review

Greed hunt at Tumbaad

Rated 4.0 / 5
by Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The opening sentence of Mahatma Gandhi' there's enough to satisfy our needs,not greed' sums up the moral of the story.
What's the plot?
Time period 1918-1947.Locale : Tumbbad Hamlet and Pune city .Mythology has cursed the greed of people against minting money as the core cause of conflicts. The three chapter presentation (1918,1918-33 and 1933-47) presents three different episodes.
During 1918 a lonely outcast family is shown to be living in an abandoned village ( Tumbbad)miles away from the city of Pune.It's a haunted space.They are barely hand to mouth.The widows live in dark corners ,the father and one son has died because of old age and misfortune.The mother insists upon the surviving son Vinayak( Soham Shah) to abandon the house for ever and shift elsewhere.But Vinayak has 'smelled' some treasure hidden somewhere in the house.Though they have shifted elsewhere,Vinayak continues to visit Tumbbad for the treasure.
Between 1918-33,Vinayak has grown up as a man,got married ,become a father of a son ( Mohamad Samad) and has had enough of gold to discharge his debts to the local sahukar Raghav(Deepak Damle).Raghav is perplexed as to how Vinayak has accumulated so much of wealth?
Between 1933-47,Vinayak's unaccounted accumulations make him change his habits.His nawabi thaat,womanising and splurging money on dancing girls makes him a spoilt man.By now the son has also grown up.Vinayak desires to pass on his 'trade tricks' to his son.Also by now Raghav has got some clues to the Tumbbad mystery.It's also being whispered that after partition Tumbbad would be converted into a town ship and that the treasures would belong to the government.
All three(Vinayak,his son and Raghav) venture for the last time to reap what maximum they can before the state aquires the temple laying golden coins.
Destiny has it's own path.Vinayak and Raghav die during their mission but the son survives.
What happens next is left to the viewers to imagine?
To me Rahi Anil Barve( the director) has had complete control over the period story.Sohum Shah is practical ,visious and a top performer.All others are also good.
What urked me? The cruelty heaped by Vinayak over his son.The caste system was being practiced even in the pre- partition period.Superstitions and greed are inherent in humans.
All in all Tumbbad us a different kind of film and apt for the discerning viewer.

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