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U R My Jaan

U R My Jaan

3.2 136 Ratings

Directed by : Aron Govil

Release Date : | Length : 140 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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U R My Jaan is a simple love story about Reena and Akash. Staying miles away from each other, still Akash from New York and Reena from Chandigarh are brought together by fate in Mumbai. In their brief encounter, a vivacious & chirpy middle class Reena, who nurtures the dream of making it big in Bollywood, and the renowned...more

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  • Gross: INR 0.09 cr.
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U R My Jaan Audience Review

Desi version of Pretty Woman

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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U are my jaan is a low budget remake of Pretty Woman with a basic Indian twist in that the heroine is not a prostitute but a good middle class girl who lands up in Mumbai to become an actress. She runs out of money and agrees to stay with a rich guy for a few days. But of course she will not do anything immoral like sleep with a guy who is paying her money to stay with him.

The movie retains all the important scenes from the original. The concierge from the hotel is around with no lessons to impart since our girl is from a good family. The tycoon has come in from New York to take over a company he will then sell off in bits. She will show him sense even as she struggles with the food in a fancy restarant. She takes the bubble bath but does not give him one and she teaches him to eat panipuri as a way to relax. At the end of the four days and after falling in love with him she goes back to get married to a guy her parents have chosen before he swoops down to get her.

It was fun tryingto guess which scene would be copied next and to be fair to the director some of them are replicated quite well. Of course, Julia and Richard did not have to sing songs in the desert while wearing diaphanous clothes and high heels. Well, what can I say they missed a good thing.

The actress Priti Soni is a cross between Amy Winehouse, Priya Chatwal and Julia Roberts (in a very specific angle) with the dress sense of Rakhi Sawant and her voice seems to have been dubbed by one of the chipmunks. The hero Mikaal Zulfikar, a Pakistani actor, is quite endearing and cute and looks the part of a tycoon with his slight double chin and the dissipated banker look. They make quite an unlikely pair but I began to find them quite cute halfway through the movie. After all, the people they were trying to copy were huge and you have to give them marks for trying their best.

Of course,this movie is shoddy and of course it has scenes that make you cringe but it was like a game watching it. I was more amused with this one than Mausam which I had seen just immediately before. There is something to be said for plagiarism after all. At least it brings back pleasant memories of a beautiful movie that you had enjoyed and can watch many times more without getting bored. If you want to play guessing games with your friends, snort in derision at some scenes and generally have a ball you should see this one. Legitimate reasons for bitching in public don't come along often and one must take the chance when one can.

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