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Directed by : Ram Gopal Varma

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Veerappan is a 2016 Indian biographical film written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma, based on the life of Indian bandit Veerappan, and the events leading to Operation Cocoon to capture and kill Veerappan.


“Substandard performances pull down this otherwise watchable flick, that had ample potential.”

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Sachiin Joshi


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Veerappan Review- Bad Acting, Worse Music, Worst Dialogues!

Rated 1.5 / 5
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Ram Gopal Varma is a very unpredictable person. While he can give us movies like Sarkar, he reatcan also create some disaster like Aag. And that is precisely the reason I had gone to watch this film without any expectations.

But the opening scene gave me a lot of hope. Totally chilling and gripping, I felt this movie is turning out to be great. It was Sandeep Bharadwaj who was ruling the screen space. He looked gruesome and the way he murdered the police officer was enough to stir even the hardest of souls.

But then something happened. He is called Sachiin Joshi! But he took all the Josh out of the movie. Right from the narration of the story till the very end, where he delivers a lame dialogue even more lamely, you would be always asking yourself why this is happening the way it is. Joshi plays the tough cop who led the operation Cocoon. And I don't feel that there could have been another epic failure like Joshi in the movie.

But that was till I saw Lisa Ray in the movie! Epitome of misfit, I would say! I tried to understand what she was trying to do onscreen. Alas! I couldn't figure out.

If you think you had enough then wait, it's not over yet! Coupled with the bad acting that these two involved in, there was extremely loud and wtf background score. It can give you severe headache too.

And if you have not yet reached the threshold of pain, then there are the pure faltu dialogues that will make you go 'Whaaat??!!!'

But there are good things in the movie too. Like Sandeep Bharadwaj. He tried to put his soul into the movie. But I felt that the majority of the ascreen time was given to Joshi and Bharadwaj, despite his best efforts, couldn't make the movie tolerable.

The other great thing about the film is the setting and the forest scene. The forest looks amazing, with all its greenery, the little streams and waterfalls. It is a treat to the eye (as long as Joshi doesn't appear and negate the effect).

RGV, you really put in a good effort out there. But I really wish you would have had little smarter and better cast who could have done justice to the roles you were giving them, like Sandeep and Usha Jadhav(as Veerappan's wife Muthulakshmi), and taken care of a few things here and there. It's a good plot and good effort wasted!

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