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Wake Up Sid

Wake Up Sid

3.9 207 Ratings

Directed by : Ayan Mukerji

Release Date : | Length : 138 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.6/5
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This is the story of Sidharth Mehra (Ranbir Kapoor), a lazy, unmotivated slacker from Mumbai whose life undergoes a series of changes after taking his final year college exams.

Wake Up Sid Box Office

  • Gross: INR 27.95 cr.
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Wake Up Sid Audience Review

Sid Wakes us All

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I was late for the show but could only miss the opening credits and 2-mins of the initial. But I still regret that. Wake Up Sid is fresh & colorful. Its a simple story portrayed on the screen with diligence and honesty, yes honesty is the word I use for Ayan Mukherjee. In his very first film the Director shows promise and youll actually wait for his next release. With umpteen movies releasing, without leaving any trace behind, Wake up Sid is a welcome-change from the last Salman starrer hit Wanted.
Its a story of Sidharth Mehra or Sid as he prefers his friends to call him, who is rich, loves his loyal friends, partys at any hour you call and is arrogant to his mother who struggles to learn English, speak English to be precise. Reality strikes Sid as he realizes its the last day of college and theres no more bunking or flirting and once you got out of the college so you need to be in serious mode as his friends try to be. Sids taken aback and convinces them to party on the last day of college. You expect this to be the last one but hello, this is Sid so there are more to follow. At one of them, he finds a lonely Koko sitting by herself and after short talks of her telling him about her first day in the city, Sid is convinced for a walk to show her how Mumbai looks in the night although with negotiations to limit only till the walk. So now you know, weve a new girl in the city all so lonely and confused and scared and there is Sid her first male friend all so friendly and helping and caring. You predict they fall in love and songs follow. Wrong. They actually discuss why they didnt fell in love. Good idea as you get to know the others flaws and strength.

This , the unusualness of the script and the surprise pairing between Konkana and Ranbir makes and the chemistry that follows makes Wake Up Sid a good package and also makes it worth the visit. Aisha gets a rented place , dolls it up with Sid and company and also gets a job in a monthly mag Mumbai Beat. A lazy Sid who fails his T.Y and voluntarily gets out of the house and lands up at Aishas.
Picture imperfect ? No. The story till now flows like a river and backed up with good direction and soothingly attractive music by Shankar -Ehsan-Loy only adds up.Simplicity starts sinking in Sid as he lives a normal lifestyle without air-conditioners and Chotu. He realizes the difference and also likes it and feels proud of it . Wake Up Sid is basically about emotions of living. Emotions we ourself have in our daily life, such as how we are irritated after a day long work, a boss who shows no interest in your creativity and who listens to jazz and who makes his assistant listen to it too.

The story forwards when Aisha starts liking what Sid likes and also begins to secretly like his childishness. She would rather go to a hip disc with Sid rather than the un-ending and ho-hum jazz with the Boss.
Ayan Mukherjee has made the characters very lively and more than convincing. The screenplay-brilliant.

After or let me say during watching WUS , memories do start flowing in the back of your mind. Memories in which you relate with Sid many times. The parties which ended on the wee-hours of mornings or the endless chatting with buddies late night.
The instant connection with Sid, his shirts with majority cartoon characters and his gizmos give a vibrant and young feel.

Contrasting to him, a sober and an ambitious Aisha seen struggling is too good to define.
Ranbir Kapoor plays Sid well, more than his capacity youd ve thought. He is flawless and is the most talented actor in the age-slab. Konkana delievers yet another natural performance. The movie has got beautiful scenes like the night of Aishas bday and that of Sid meeting his mother. The confrontation sequence in the climax with Sid and his Dad is remarkable thanks to the veteran actor (Anupam Kher) and the top-notch actor we ve today in the fast lane. Also the climax , although too Bollywoodish but is shot well and is convincing throughout.

Overall, Ayan has a big film to his credit as he sucks in the talent of his actors and puts it on-screen. Kashmeera Shah as the hot-shot neighbor cum landlord is well. Supriya Pathak as usual delights and Anupam Kher is effortless. But the surprise package is yet another discovery of a loving Laxmi played by Shikha Tslania.

Its most difficult to play the most easy and casual characters.
Ranbir Kapoor is a marvelous Sid. You dont have a choice to complain and so is Konkana. The cinematography (Anil Mehta) of the movie Perfect, even in scenes with hand-held cams.Niranjan Iyengars dialogues are just so true.

Wake Up Sid scores and is an impressive work. It should do well over the weekend with target being the metro-youth. Although not very memorable it will be but Sid is cute, funny and all you expect him to be.

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