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Yahaan Sabki Lagi Hai

Yahaan Sabki Lagi Hai

2.7 179 Ratings

Directed by : Satavisha Bose, Cyrus Khambata

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  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Yahaan Sabki Lagi Hai is an allegory on the journey of life, especially at times when one feels victimized or shortchanged, set in the milieu of the Indian-English-speaking urban youth. The film looks at the way we casually live in a class system built on blatant economic and social disparities, the way we want to be fooled b...more

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Varun Thakur

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Yahan sab Ki Lagi Hai

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Yahan Sabki Lagi Hai could have been a plucky little film if the treatment had not been so inconsistent. The team is brilliant when they deal with the inner life of a Bengali househelp and his 'koli' life in the armpit of Mumbai. A vignette dealing with No Good Country Cousin Mouse come a visiting Town (employed) Chandu and turning up his nose is one such example of how this film project could have been an interesting social commentary on Mumbai and its denizens. But sadly they lose a lot of their audience's good will by dragging about their feet when it comes to the rest of the film; and the shoddy editing doesnt help either. In their defense it could be our scissor happy censors that have taken to the film reel with a relish though after an hour of profanities they kind of give up and just let the f words and genitalia references fly. With all the chatter about class sensitivity and interlinked life stories about characters as conflicted as their antagonist..and that we are all blightes souls living out our personal hells; I had prepared myself for a more detailed A FINE BALANCE. However; what transpires seems quite biased when it comes to the "unwashed" jin ki lagi hui hai. Bit by bit the film articulates our worst prejudices about the Chandus of our lives. That they are secretive, scheming to get away, not to be trusted , that there never is that sister in the village " that needs help" and all their friends are rapacious, untrustworthy thugs who will rob us in our sleep.Chandu is the only character that keeps you involved in this sad, twisted plot and it is kind of a shame that we never understand his character's motivation. Why does he plan a heist that will put Kesang--the only character who shows any sympathy towards him's life? Classic class hatred biting hand that feeds you in play; no. And when the hurly burly is done; its the sahib log that will literally give him the shoes off their feet, clothes off their back.

So smarmy sailor Bharat is on his way to propose to his Party Princess girlfriend who may or may not have said that she would like to get married on their anniversary " in the moment". But she is awfully young you see. He has hitched a ride with the afore mentioned Kesang who reads manga comics because she is Tibetan you see though she may call graphic novels FAT COMICS. They will all be bringing in her ex birthday in his beach house..everything is cool except her ex and her are grieving over the death of her brother. So a road trip to the beach with Ch#&% Chandu at the wheel. And driving in the time of NH10 you know how that will turn out. Tch; bad timing but these two movies coming back to back are taking the wind out of many a long weekend plan. I could suggest that you get yourself a cheap DVD of this film one weekend , bake some brownies and give the help a day off. Those lying, sneaky #@%$$.

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