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Ye Stupid Pyar

Ye Stupid Pyar

2.5 170 Ratings

Directed by : Rakesh Jain

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Ye Stupid Pyar is the story of Abhishek, a NRI who wishes to marry an Indian girl. On his visit to India, Abhishek meets his match in Neha Dalvi stays with her father and teaches yoga and salsa. The boy joins her classes to be able to become friends with Neha and finally make her fall in love. Everything seems sweet till Abhi...more


“A weak script, poor making and amateur performances are all part of this starless flick! Ye Stupid Pyar might find a place in the list of this year’s biggest flops.”

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Jatin Khurana

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  • Gross: INR 0.01 cr.
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Ye Stupid Pyar Audience Review

Stupid Cupid

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Stupid Cupid

While there was a long queue of people waiting to get hold of tickets of Panja, I asked for a ticket for Yeh Stupid Pyar. The guy at the ticket window gave a blank stare and the ticket. So, with 3 couples in the hall I saw the stupidest love story ever told!

Whats it about? Hero comes from abroad for a short 2 weeks stay. He falls in love with a salsa instructor. He takes up almost 50 minutes of screen time to woo and marry her. Immediately after reaching Bangkok the woman leaves him. What kind of stupid thing did he do for her to leave him? Janne ke liye mat dekhiye yeh stupid pyar.

Does it work? NO

Why? On the official website which has eaten up the S the tag line reads like this Kya ye dot hai..... Ya inki koi tupid tory hai?. When two bad actors meet sparks fly, interaction between the hero and his screen mother is proof of that. Watching films like these is akin to meditation. The writer/director Rakesh Jain spends almost the entire 1st half in setting up the non existent romance between the two leads which thanks to the bad acting by the hero (who I assume has secretly financed the film) gets on your nerves. The heroine Noopur is not bad and comes across as a decent actress in spite of such a script. In the 2nd half there is a character called Multiplex who mimics Chatur, Tusshar (Golmaal), Chulbul Pandey etc.

Final few words : Someone took the diesel campaign called Be Stupid seriously and this film was born.

Rating : *

Ticket Meter : Not even worth a dvd watch

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