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Directed by : Satyajit Bhatkal

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Kunal is an orphaned boy who discovers how cruel life is when he is abandoned by his heartless uncle. Left to fend for himself, Kunal discovers the hero within and begins his epic journey of adventure and transformation to become Zokkomon.


“From original screenplay to intriguing narration, Zokkomon's devoid of everything. Watch it at your own risk.”

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Darsheel Safary

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  • Gross: INR 0.62 cr.
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Zokkomon Audience Review


Rated 1.5 / 5
by Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I dont understand why Harry Potter acts as a catalyst of inspiration to these Zokkomon fellows, when they should have been more than convinced they arent going to achieve a fraction of the blockbuster franchisee.

A hurriedly directed, and shamelessly scripted, with just about mediocre special effects, even after coming from Disneys stable (Cars, Toy Story), Zokkomon could have been far more ambitious had attention been diverted to the right places.

The film centres on Kunal, whose parents died in a freak accident, and now he is to stay with his cruel chacha, a la Uncle Vernon theres also a Dudley like cousin, favoured by a Petuni-ash aunt. Chachas running some shady scam in his school and manipulates funds allotted for library, books etc, until he is busted by some officer and needs 85 lacks to clean off his debt. So ingenious idea hits mean Uncle, bump off Kunal, and make a killing with his insurance. (yes, its true)

So, in Esselworld, Darsheels abandoned on a roller-coaster, and chacha sprints away back to his village where superstitions are prioritised, and blind-faith persists and some eccentric Swamy calls the shots, the ignorant gaon-wallahs take his word as law.

So far, the only thing thats pleasant to watch is the little charmer Darsheel Sarfary. His character is interestingly developed; he is a kiddo, but like all he doesnt like to be taken frivolously, and that also because he can read between lines. He is an insolent chap. The village ambience though, clearly represents a constructed set; it has a nostalgic aura about it.

Lost in the Big City, some overly-dressed, all with psychic-like razzle-dazzle, a certain Kittu Didi -a petty artist befriends Kunal, and instantly they discover a magical bond, the one like elder sister-cutesy brother. Tragedy strikes, the out-of-the place Kittu didi is yanked off in jail, as Kunal makes his way back, only to be believed as a ghost. Amused, he comes across some random scientist, who is exasperated that the villagers arent taking his physics seriously. Frustrated, he makes Darsheel Zokkomon, and so Zokko, flies, and has fun, preaches, and teaches, and almost a revolution takes place in the village.

The film is amateurish in many senses. Although, with a beautiful number, starring Makrand Deshpande, in colourful setting, the film opens, the significance of the song is too complex, for the kids to process. Kittu didi is the weakest link of the film, for one the character is too alien, moreover the performance even more cartoonish. Also, it appears, Zokkomon doesnt know his motive, to eradicate superstition, or to teach cruel Uncle a lesson, or a combo of both, it doesnt come across.
Anupam Kher as both cruel chahcha and mad scientist, excels. The actor, with a terrific range, dramatizes his performance just by the right spoonful.

More than being punctured, and easy-to-guess, the story-line is dizzy. Why not add, sub-plots, giving scope for more action, and complexities? The kids dont buy the clichd ice-cream anymore, they are looking for an assortment of flavours, a mix-match of sorts.

What could be appreciated is that the writers add many dimensions to Kunal. He is smarty pants, and initially is kicked to be a young super-hero, but when it goes as far as becoming a moral-watchdog, the child isnt willing to take charge. He misses his buddies, and wants to run to them. Enough of the hopping-popping.

Zokkomon shouldve taken itself a little seriously, and avoided the preaching bit. Harry Potter is inspirational, but one shouldnt ape much of the spells, they backfire, because your wands arent the same.

With lacklustre direction, and boring lines posing as dialogue, even if you decide to indulge in this young superhero caper, Darsheels confidence, and assurance in him as an actor, is the most charming part. Only if it would infest the movie entirely, crowded by half-baked random people.