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  • Interesting concept

    Gaurav Gadre

    Desimartini | Updated - July 29, 2010 22:37 PM IST
    3.3DM (102 ratings)
    8 x 10 TasveerWatch trailerRelease date : April 03, 2009

    Regardless of how the suspense is, viewers take home the suspense element from a suspense/murder mystery genre of movies. It sticks in their head for a long time. Generally the suspense decides the make or break of such kind of movies. Hence you tend to get rave reviews of such films.

    Tasveer gives us a unique combination of Nagesh Kukunoor and Akshay Kumar which is a good enough reason for the regular movie buff to watch this flick. Apart from the main suspense Nagesh, excels in both departments of writing and direction. He is one of the finest directors of Indian cinema and he doesn't fail the audience's trust.

    Jai (Akshay Kumar) is a forest ranger and has a god given special ability. He can touch any photo and teleport into the time the picture was taken and be around for about a minute. If he stays for over a minute his heart stops. Initially neither the doctor's, nor the damily can explain this behavior. Jai doesn't let any one into his secret, not even his fiance Sheela (Ayesha Takia).

    One day Jai comes to know that while celebrating with his close friends, his father has met with an accident and has died of a heart atack . Jai was never at good terms with his father due to their line of work. But a series of dreams and a private investigator Happi (Javed Jaffery), who is indebted to Jai's dad, force Jai to realize that his father had been murdered for the money. He decides to unearth the secret by teleporting to the time his father clicked a photo during the last few moments of his life. Watch how Jai and Happi solve this mystery to unearth the killer.

    The music by Salim Sulaiman is in sync with the movie and there are a couple of really good tracks. These tracks appear in the background and do not hamper the pace or connectivity of the story.

    Acting wise, Akshay is very good. It was very refreshing to see him come out of his comfort zone and try something new. Ayesha Takia is good as always. Javed Jaffery provides some humor in the movie. The rest of the ensemble is a group of character artistes who are interestingly cast in this movie. All of them have a very short role but are effective. Benjamin Gillani and Sharmila Tagore play Akshay's parents and are good. Girish Karnard is wasted. Bollywood's step son, Anant Mahadevan (who gets screwed in every movie) has no different treatment. Rushad Rana is good.

    Nagesh Kukunoor is a brilliant director and has done a terrefic job with this movie. If only the main suspense would have been better, the whole outlook towards the movie would have changed.

    Spoiler: The movie has a Shakespearan ending wherin every one dies.

    Personal Input: My version of the ending which according to me would have worked and would have been innovative. Akshay has a split personality and he is the one who kills his father. This also explains his special ability of going back in time to when the picure was taken. He actually remembers the things he did or saw at a subconscience level while his alter ego had taken over. :) Let me know what you think about this ending.

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    Yatharth Chauhan

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  • Gaurav Gadre

    Gaurav Gadre

    107 Reviews , 2 Followers
    Rated 3.0July 29, 2010

    Interesting concept

    Regardless of how the suspense is, viewers take home the suspense element from a suspense/murder mystery genre of movies. It sticks in their head f...read more

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    Prateek Desai

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    A thrilling experience!

    Akshay Kumar has given another thrilling experience to the viewers by doing movie like 8x10 Tasveer.