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When 2+2 is lower than 4?

  • Dev Raj Gulati

    Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 14, 2020 7:31 PM IST
    2.8DM (4020 ratings)

    Verdict - Avoid this dud.

    Love Aaj Kal(2020)Release date : February 14, 2020

    One understands that the opposites attract each other.This has been happening ever since the first Adam ate the fruit offered by Eve.
    So what's new about LAK?
    It has two periods- 1990,2020.One pairing for each period.In both periods,what's the end? Unclear?
    The lover boy in 1990 wears half sleeved bushirts.Is clean shaven.Is a medical course drop out.Way ward.Been a waiter in a hotel,until he has owned a ' mini bar' financed by a foreign investor.He has been changing partners .
    The lass has been desiring that the boy follows her as a routine from her school days.Wears salwar- kameez,her longish hair are woven in the snaking paranda.They meet secretively in parks,abandoned ruins,train.Their ' affairs' have gone ' viral'in the neighbourhood.
    The lass longs the boy to remain committed.Instead he's always changing his ' woh's'.
    The relationship breaks.
    In the second period the lover boy he has a bike.Wears jeans.Is unshaven.Caries a lap top ,but is' supposedly ' a software programmer.Longing for a commitment from the girl.But?
    She's dreaming about a career..Has joy rides with the boy.Is fully liberated ,both in her attitude and behaviour. Prefers a ' performing partner ' in the bed.When responding to a query in an interview for a job,she unabashedly speaks about wearing an unbuttoned blouse as a ' strategy' to draw ' attention' .She thinks that her confidence level increases this way .Damn with what others ' pretend' to be ' lechrous'.
    She lands up with a high-fi job.Her sips at a bar are routine.She is prepared to abuse her mother even.
    ' Oh maa,just chill,don't poke your nose in my affairs'.
    What happens to the boy? Don't ask.
    The few words repeatedly uttered by the lass of the next gen are distinctly audible are whatever,s..t,s.x and f... u.
    To me ,LAK is a ' rare' flick which is direction less,all round OTT performances,irrelevant,the entire second is redundant.Not a single number is worth.The ' post climax' number is the nth version of the naagin number.
    The media hype of the new gen pairing is a ' publicity stunt'.
    Instead pay homage to the martyrs of Pulwama on the Valentine's Day and prepare for your boards.
    In the post climax' number the viewer is posed a question- could 2+2 be greater than 5?( perhaps drawing inspiration from Do Aur Do Paanch Banadey).
    Infact the movie under review is much lower than 2+2 being 4 even( pun intended).