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  • Niraashayein

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - August 28, 2010 01:18 AM IST
    3.0DM (86 ratings)
    AashayeinRelease date : August 27, 2010

    Right from his debut Nagesh Kukunoor probably has the best track record amongst the contemporary directors. Out of ten films he has directed so far six films rate from above average to good to very good until Bombay to Bangkok, Tasveer 8 x 10 and now with Aashayein Kukunoors deivers his Hat trick dud.

    We see a man who escaped 9/11 but got diagnosed with cancer on his return home, a prostitute who has aids not because of unprotected sex but due to blood transfusion. Both of them call this twist of fate their karma. Amongst these people in a hospice enters Rahul (John Abraham) who is fighting his own battle with death. What happens here is what this film is all about.

    Aashayein has an unusual similarity with Tarsems The Fall but is Kukunoors tribute to Hrishikesh Mukherjees Anand. In fact to make this point there is an entire scene where three characters are watching the movie on a dvd. The screenplay in a way reflects the directors state of mind. Confused & warped. In fact in the second half it gets mystical and a fantasy film but it ends up being none but a boring 2 hour spent in the theatre. The only redeemable factor in the movie is the presence of Anaita Nair. Her character and her performance bring in the warmth which was required from the lead actor John Abraham. He tries so hard to give an earnest performance but his face betrays him. It is so difficult for him to emote but in some breakdown scenes he is good but overall he does not do justice to his character. In fact the film was more Anaitas than Johns. The laugh out loud moment in the film belongs to Shreyas Talpade who appears as a rocker in a song.

    Final Few Words: we still have Aashayein from the director who seems to have been going through a rough patch. Hope he acknowledges that and moves ahead and give us a good story next time around. Ironically his next one is titled Yeh Honsla.

    Rating: ** (Average)

    Ticket Meter: 225/- (I want more than half of my money back)

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