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  • Disappointing Rigour

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - March 22, 2013 01:05 AM IST
    3.0DM (390 ratings)

    Verdict - A lot of opportunity wasted, this one is a dampner

    AatmaWatch trailerRelease date : March 22, 2013

    There is a lot that could have been done when making a horror flick with a cast that includes a veteran of the genre and one of the finest actors the country has today. Alas, Aatma squanders every opportunity of breaking the mould and confines miserably to sterotypes. Suparn Varma's maiden horror film is neither scary nor imaginitive.

    Aatma is the story of a mother, Bipasha, whose abusive hsuband, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, dies, vowing to return to snatch their daughter from her. How the mother saves her daughter from the hands of the ghost is the rest of the story. On paper, Aatma makes for a wonderful plot line combining elements of domestic violence, a broken home and the supernatural. What trasnpires in the one hour fourty minutes running time however is an insipid rehash of every horror film we have ever seen in Hindi.

    Director Suparn Verma packs in every cliche possible- from RGV's leg level camera angles to Vikram Bhats flying knives, cheap prosthetics, and even a soundtrack that converts a lullaby into a horror anthem. What he doesnt do is add any amount of ingenuity to the proceedings. One can predict the next scare from about three scenes ahead, no thanks to the ominous tittle music playing each time the ghost has to appear. The chills are just not scary and the thrills never surprise. Editing and cinematography make for some interesting portions strung on a flimsy idea, sadly the director is unable to cohese them into a tight sensible narrative.

    The weak direction shows through in the way performances come across as well. Bipasha looks her career best, has really long legs, and a single epxression for happiness, sadness, fear and everything else under the sun. What works for her is that she has practiced the expression many times over in her earlier horror films and that shows in the ease with which she manages to not add any layer or texture to her character. Nawazuddin on the other hand, is interesting as the diabolic abusive husband, yet is let down by listless writing that for some weird reason removes him from most of the films scenes. The daughter Doyel, is screachingly irritating in the way she speaks and looks least interested in the movie throughout.

    Troubles for Aatma do not end there though. The dialogues are clumsy at times, hillariousunintentionally almost always, side actors are mere caricatures and underutilized. Characters come in, only to get killed the very next instant. The one that takes the cake though is Tilotima as the teacher, who keeps visibly and embarassingly breathing even in the scene where she is playing a dead body.

    Aatma could have been a much better movie in the hands of someone else. As it stands now, it is a rehash of tried and done to death tricks that not just not scare you, but put you to sleep. Avoid it on the big screen, wait for it to apparate on the idiot box instead.

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