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  • Smita Vyas Kumar

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 24, 2015 9:00 PM IST
    3.9DM (6492 ratings)

    Verdict - A fast paced movie with some great dancing and a good storyline . Go for it!

    ABCD - Any Body Can DanceWatch trailerRelease date : February 08, 2013

    I had twin biases while going for this movie. One, I love dance movies and two, I am a huge Prabhudeva fan. So, it was with great expectations that I landed up at PVR for a 9.15am show only to find it sold out. I had to wait till the next one and I have to say it totally lived up to my expectations. What also helped, was the great energy from the mainly teenaged audience. The story is pretty straightforward. Vishnu is a choreographer for a dance company run by a sleazeball, Jehangir. When Jehangir gets in a new firang choreographer, Vishnu leaves and decides to train kids from a slum to take on Jehangir's company in a dance reality TV show. There are parental objections,love triangles, ego hassles and various other glitches before the team can reach its goal. The songs are of course dance based and very well choreographed. Though not exactly hummable later, they are great in the movie. The Ganpati number and the end credit song are pretty good in themselves. The movie is fast paced and doesn't drag at any point in time. The jokes keep coming at regular intervals keeping the balance just right and preventing audience fatigue. Prabhudeva as Vishnu is all intensity and consumed by dance. Ganesh Acharya lends him able support as his supportive friend. KK as Jehangir Khan oozes a high grade of slime that makes you totally dislike him.The dance team comprises people who have been winners of the TV dance show Dance India Dance and are obviously good at dancing. They also do a decent job of the acting given that they are new to it. It helps that they are not expected to say or do much apart from dancing.Amongst the new set, the guy who plays Munna, a reformed drug addict stood out for me. He has a sweetness about him which is very appealing and I think he can also act apart from being an awesome dancer. ABCD is good clean entertainment with a heart that beats to the rhythm of its director Rem Fernandes and its actors who are all dancers. Their belief in their art makes the movie sincere and sparkling. Don't miss the dance sequence in the end credits with Saroj Khan. Totally worth a watch.

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