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  • Please change your canvas Mr. Prabhudeva!

    Divay Agarwal

    Desimartini | Updated - December 05, 2014 11:34 AM IST
    3.2DM (3182 ratings)

    Verdict - To this movie, make no commitment or appointment, just avoid this painful punishment!

    Action JacksonWatch trailerRelease date : December 05, 2014

    From Wanted to Rowdy Rathore to R. Rajkumar to Action Jackson, the only thing that has changed is the lead actor! The same old canvas, the same old storyline, the same old Sonakshi Sinha in her same old role. Wow! How much monotonous can one be? Why are you making the same nonsense again and again Mr. Prabhudeva? Please, please experiment! Action Jackson is nothing but a piece of crap that shows the west again and again that we the Bollywood will not change whether you bring us an Interstellar or a Gone Girl! We will stick to the plan and keep on making the shittiest movies possible because let's face it - We want 100 crores!

    The story is a cliche revenge story with a very confused screenplay! Every time you discover something new that has happened, you are like - What the hell is happening? Most importantly, what has made Ajay Devgn land up in all this garbage? Maybe he's become just a little too brave after Himmatwala and has lost it completely. If some reassurance is what you need to get back on track, we can give you a whole lot of that. You are a good actor Ajay, you can do much better. Just stop torturing yourself and the audience.

    The music is creepier than the movie. When you have song titles like Keeda & Surya Ast Punjabi Mast, what more can you expect from them. It is probably the worst soundtrack of the year. Along with that, it truly deserves the award for the worst dialogues possible ever! "my way or the sky way"? Really?? If this is not enough you also have - " Ladki ho toh jappi, baaki sab ko pappi…….. Maut Wali"! You need to hire good writers ASAP! The budget can come from the extra sound guys.

    Coming to the performances, it is better not to talk about that territory. But a special message to the debut Manasvi Mamgai - Please learn acting! You don't have to gasp every time you open your mouth to seduce someone!

    Life is cruel my friends! Action Jackson is the reason for it. Just avoid it!

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