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  • Retro kitsch

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - November 05, 2010 13:37 PM IST
    3.1DM (1654 ratings)
    Action ReplayyRelease date : November 05, 2010

    Internal Bias: I am not a big fan of Akshays shouting = emotions style of acting

    Action Replayy gets into retro mode from the start-the title in Hindi and Urdu, the line saying In Eastman colour ,leave you with no doubts that the movie will embrace each aspect of the 70s enthusiastically - whether its the costumes, the hairstyles or the kitschy colors. Even the time machine is retro with a swivel seat and a control panel with crazy dancing balls. I think the scientist played by Randhir Kapoor (surprising) forgot that he is making the machine in 2010.

    The movie has the son trying to rewrite his parents love story so that they have a love marriage instead of an arranged one and are not the warring couple they are now, on the brink of a divorce.

    So the stage is set for everyone to descend onto VT station where most of the action happens (Including stage shows. Whatever happened to good ol Rang Bhavan I wonder?) Aishwarya wears maxis, has a bouffant hairstyle (isnt that 60s?) and eyeliner curling to her temples. Akshay has floppy hair, large ugly sunglasses, psychedelic shirts and a huge peace medallion. There are a few more nods to the 70s (Raman Raghav the stone killer and Mukesh Kumar and party) but thats about it. These are too superficial to get under the skin of the decade but I wish at least the dance steps and songs had more of that feel. For e.g. the song competition is not a patch on the Yaadon ki Baraat one that I think they tried to replicate, which is a pity.

    Akshay deserves a clap for agreeing to look daft and not succumbing to a cool dude look, even for a dream sequence. Ash puts on her standard 3 expressions. Rannvijay Singh as the other guy is quite good and I loved Aditya Roy Kapoor as Bunty. He is unpretentious and charmingly earnest as the son trying to make his parents fall in love. I would love to see more of him in future. The real mystery is Neha Dhupia. What is she doing in the movie with 3 lines of dialogue and sudden (dis)appearances on screen? Totally wasted, which, considering its Neha Dhupia is not such a bad thing

    Though the movie has quite a few laughs, as usual the second half drags ( no thanks to a boring romantic song meant to show off polka dotted saris). The zor ka dhakka song is a peppy number just in time for New Year parties.

    Not worth a replay but go in the festival spirit with friends and family and you will enjoy this one.

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    Setting standards for Makeup artists....

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    this movie is fadu, bole to kya item h bosss.
    i think this movie, every one should see.

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    johle in movoe

    ple don nt make this type of movie public are not happy

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    Sudeep, student, CFA

    Better than golmaal 3.

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