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  • Ameet Bhuvan

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    Desimartini | Updated - February 07, 2014 4:04 PM IST
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    Verdict - The Worst Spy Ever-Period

    Agent VinodWatch trailerRelease date : March 23, 2012

    He travels across the globe, mouths inane one liners, comes face to face with almost every mafia/terror outfit the world knows, and yet manages to bore you to death-Agent Vinod does all of this with the ease the UPA manages to embarrass itself every other day.

    A RAW agent, Agent Vinod , our local bred sauve Bond wanna-be Saif, is out to save the world from a portable nuclear bomb, that curiously is described to be so compact that it can fit in a brief case yet eventually turns out to be as big as a mini ice cream maker.

    Helping him is Iram Bilal, Kareena playing a Pakistani doctor forced into spying due to circumstances- note be made that similar circumstances make her to seduce a fat ugly old man, do a shameful mujra in Karachi and look distinctively uninterested in the films proceedings throughout.

    As the bomb and its detonator makes its way to Delhi through Morocco, London, Somalia and sundry other exotic locales, people die, villains come and go, RAW looks like a big joke, and lots of firangs try their hand at Bollywood in an extended Terror tourism sojourn across the globe.

    If suspension of disbelief were ever created into a commodity and sold off the counters, one would need packets full of it to sit through the inane drivel that this film is.

    For a spy thriller, Agent Vinod takes itself too seriously-literally at that, what with every character wearing a standard grumpy face to match designer Italian mafia suits- killing every bit of fun that one could have had with the genre of a globetrotting super spy. Director Raghavan meanwhile make sure that everything looks effortlessly misdirected.

    There is enough money splashed all over the frames-producer Saif definitely had deep pockets- and some slickly executed action sequences show promise in the opening scenes. A promise that is belied soon after, as the director tries telling a story with wooden actors and singularly disinterested supporting cast.

    There is peculiar brevity of dialogues- perhaps someone told the writers that spies speak only in short codes- scenes jump and cut abruptly, characters get killed prematurely and all of a sudden the lead pair falls in love. Which takes us to the most corny sequence in the film, where men with big guns in hand walk around a crowded hotel lobby with no one noticing them, while the only hummable sound track from the film, a romantic Raabta plays in the background.

    Saif Ali Khan is earnest in a role that demands him to look good and behave like the royal he is in real life. Kareena seems smug knowing that she has a Heroine lined up to prove she can act and hence is on a paid vacation out here.

    Agent Vinod is that it tries too hard, too hard to be a good spy film and at the same time a tribute to the original Agent Vinod and sundry other home bred spies of Bollywood. What it ends up being is a sad mess of a movie that neither has the corny yet amusing nostalgia of a Gunmaster G9 nor the slick smartness of an MI4.

    Stay clear from this agent if you have better things to do. If you have time to waste, however, meditate instead.

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