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Agent Vinod = Audio Visual

  • Rony D'costa

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - August 25, 2013 10:37 PM IST
    3.4DM (3967 ratings)

    Verdict - In Sriram we still trust but we dont trust this Agent Vinod.

    Agent VinodWatch trailerRelease date : March 23, 2012

    In Sriram we trust I said even though the trailers and promos left me a little disappointed but with Jhonny Gaddar he has raised the bar so high for himself where thrillers are concerned that the least you expect from him is a good intelligent thriller.

    Whats it about? Jumping from one location to another Agent Vinod ( Saif Ali Khan) has to stop a nuclear blast but before that he has to found out what 242 and then what is bluebird?.

    How is it? Fail as a thriller. Good as an Audio Visual.

    My Take I remember once seeing a clip of an old and black white film in a film appreciation class where the use of editing was deconstructed in a scene in which a man and a woman over a bet are speeding on a road near the cliff. After watching the scene once we saw it again without sound and counted the cuts. In that counting of cuts we went through the experience of how rhythm, thrill and suspense are created on the edit table. While watching this film that scene kept coming back to my mind because most of the action sequences are designed, cut and shot in a way which we have seen before in countless number of movies and that I think is the big reason why the film fails in providing the thrills. Agent Vinod follows the template of a Bourne/Bond film but offers zero thrills. By casting Prem Chopra and Gulshan Grover as caricature of themselves we cant get serious about the plot even if we want to. The icing on the cake is B.P.Singh and his howlarious dialogue delivery. Every time he spoke I felt like I was watching the late night home shopping network spot. Also thanks to his performance the secret of who A.C.P Pradyuman copies is finally revealed. Since the story and its telling failed to engage me I spent my time enjoying the beautiful locations and the awesome back ground score. Especially the use of songs like rakamma , dost dost na raha,meri jaan maine kaha and aasman mein hai khuda aur zameen pe hum. Sriram Raghavan succeeds in crafting a good audio visual but falls flat on his face in making a big budget action thriller. Saif is having fun with his role but Adil Hussain comes across more cooler than him. the high point for me was the scene before raabta when Saif tells Kareena why he became a spy and the way the song is used.

    Final few words - In Sriram we still trust but we dont trust this Agent Vinod.

    Rating - **

    Ticket Meter worth 200 bucks.

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