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Go Whacked-Da !

  • Manu Agrawal

    Manu Agrawal (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 22, 2014 4:37 PM IST
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    Verdict - Utter crap, Please Avoid.

    AiyyaaWatch trailerRelease date : October 12, 2012

    The film promised the world. There was Rani Mukerji acting like she has never acted before, and I saw Anurag Kashyap's name somewhere. It was supposed to be quirky and naughty, and absolutely delightful. Sadly, Aiyya turns out to be the biggest disappointment this season.
    r"It appears as if the film has been concieved in a daze, with the Director smoking a pot of Ganja throughout because the weirdness comes onscreen. There is absolutely no logic for the characterisation which includes a female Karunanidhi running around on a mechanized wheelchair shouting God knows what throughout the film. Then there's the absolutely abhorring Mother who screams through her dialogues and the half mad friend Maina who finds her match in the dog loving brother. I thought Rani's character was supposed to be the most fucked up in the film, but the support characters really test your patience - they are neither easily digestible nor symbolic of something bigger.
    r"Watching Aiyya is a torturous exercise, because it jolts your senses brutally. The plot had a lot of promise, the first time where a lusty woman is the Heroine and not the vamp in an Indian film. And you got to rope in Rani Mukerji to play her. But Aiyya screws it up in royal fashion, getting nothing right - The dialogues are cheapad, the actors are loud, and the humour is crass or non existent.
    r"The only good thing about the film is the Aga Bai song where Rani shows you how to exude sensuality with a Fortyish body and a belly to match. And the only people who retain some sanity in the film are Prithviraj, the southern 'siren' and Meenakshi's suitor Madhav (dont know actual name). And both of them deserve better films than this one.
    r"If moms and bros cracking inappropriate jokes about their daughter's sex life with the son-in-law is normal/good humor to you, please go ahead and Watch Aiyya. I found it too whacked up to be recommended.

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