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  • Impressive Climax but weak execution!

    Payal Khanna

    Desimartini | Updated - November 26, 2010 15:05 PM IST
    3.0DM (235 ratings)
    Allah Ke BandayRelease date : November 26, 2010

    After 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'City of Gold ', once again we have a movie based on the similar lines by Faruk Kabir. Though 'Allah Ke Banday' is his first project as a director but one thing which is highly commendable is the fact that rather than creating any Rom-Com he tried his hands on such a strong topic.

    Regardless of the fact that the movie contains a strong social message to be conveyed i.e. 'how slum children get exposed to the world of crime', 'Allah Ke Banday' falls short at many places. As a viewer I will say that there were many questions which should have been answered but they werent- like 'Vijey was never questioned regarding his source of income during school days?', 'What forced Naseeruddin Shah to start begging'? So in short at many places the story goes bland and loses its impact. The only thing which is worth-watching in 'Allah Ke Banday' is its Climax!

    'City of Gold' by Mahesh Manjrekar was something similar and was more engaging than 'Allah Ke Banday' but it did not give any solution to the problem. So, inspite of falling weak at various places one thing that makes Allah Ke Bandey shine, is the solution it gives.

    Honestly, Faruk Kabir could have screened this subject in much better way. Not only direction & screenplay but also Dialogues, camera-work and editing were weak. Music of the film is beautiful and that is one more thing which raises the bar for 'Allah Ke Banday'. Speaking of performances, the only person that impresses is Sharman Joshi, though this is the first time he is seen in a such a role but he was brilliant. Faruk Kabir as a debutant was good, veteran Naseeruddin Shah was not used properly, Atul Kulkarni was at his best and Anjana Sukhani didnt have much scope.

    Undoubtedly 'Allah Ke Banday' does not have a conventional storyline but the way its plot has been shown onscreen is not gripping. It kicks off pretty well but then disappoints in between and catches up its momentum during climax. As an audience I felt that Naseeruddin Shah's role was highly under-developed knowing the fact that he is just brilliant in these kinds of roles.

    The movie is all about the bitter fact that how circumstances force the kids from the slums to take up crime, which completely destroys them.

    Footer: 'Allah Ke Banday' is not executed well and this is the biggest reason it wont be able to catch the eye-balls.

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    nice movie

  • Rony D'costa

    Rony D'costa

    407 Reviews , 107 Followers
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    The children of God are the real heroes...

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    Rated 0.5November 27, 2010

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    This isn't a good one at all. A very bnoring one!