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Banjo: review

  • Merkwürdige Liebe

    Merkwürdige Liebe

    Desimartini | Updated - October 08, 2016 7:09 PM IST
    3.0DM (1670 ratings)

    Verdict - A hackneyed, simplistic film.

    BanjoWatch trailerRelease date : September 23, 2016

    Director Ravi Jadhav, who has made Marathi films before, and actor Riteish Deshmukh, a Maharashtrian actor, collaborate on this film set in the slums and chawls of Mumbai. They also cast a bunch of Marathi actors in supporting roles, be it a local politician, a cop, or the manager of a corporate company. That, however, isn't enough. Jadhav overzealously goes after every single opportunity to pander to the Marathi audiences by playing a "Ganpati Bappa Morya" every now and then and one wonders why didn't they just go ahead and make a Marathi film. All the pandering and baiting gets tiresome soon after, and what we are left with is an extremely hackneyed, poorly conceived underdog story about a band of musicians who play in street processions but want to perform at more respectable places like clubs. None of the dramatic beats work; and the film keeps throwing one pointless song after another at you not because it's genuinely trying to do something with the musical form, but because it's basically run out of ideas and yet doesn't want to let the whistles in the hall die down. It could be compared to something like ABCD 2 - similar Mumbai setting, similar bunch of talented youngsters trying to make it big - but if nothing else, that film worked at least as a spectacle, somewhat distracting us from the laughably silly drama at its core. Banjo is just as stupid a film, but it doesn't give you even base pleasures - the soundtrack is shrill and the sheer pointlessness of the songs the way Ravi Jadhav uses them doesn't make things easier either.

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