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    Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - October 02, 2013 13:54 PM IST
    3.2DM (4133 ratings)

    Verdict - The movie gets by with a little help from Monty

    BesharamWatch trailerRelease date : October 02, 2013

    It is interval time. Kapoor Sr and Kapoor Jr have put in age (and girth) appropriate appearances for the camera in the bathroom. And you are still wondering Is Movie Ki Jaan kahan hai? No life in the story yet, even though themovie has so much going for it. Stellar cast (except, yes her) and a director who made khaki and the Other India look good. We knew from its name that sharam tou thi nahi, ab kiya jaan bhi nahi?

    Well they say it aint over till the fat lady sings.

    In this movie it aint over till the fat man exhales. A character exclaims "Is me Sunny Deol Ki Aatma Kaise Aagayi?" My thoughts exactly. A damp squib of a movie finally develops a spark after the interval and becomes a firecracker by climax. I could tell you more about Besharam but then if some of the best lines of the movie are already there in the promotions, and I connect the rest of the dots for you; what is left for you to do? Going ahead and popping your own popcorn?

    So Bubbly (Ranbir Kapoor) is a desi Robin Hood (hmm Abhinav Kashyap and Robin Hoods, where did this happen before?) runs into Delhi cops Mr and Mrs Chulbul Chauthala (Chulbul and Kashyap, hmm naam tou suna hoga). Bubbly spends his sleeping hours under Angry Young Man posters and his waking hours chasing Angry Young Woman (Pallavi Sharda) who clearly thinks she is auditioning for Nagina (same ichadhari naagin eyes). Bubbly commits a blunder and drags the naagin and the hapless audience from Delhi to Chandigarh and back (and a fantastic final fifteen minutes).

    So why didn't we get up when we knew how sad bad the movie was? Well you will know when they play the song as the end credits roll.

    For them (No not her with the angry eyes).

    Them. Just them.

    Why will people go and buy tickets to Besharam even if most of the reviews will call it ho hum? It is as Rishi Kapoor's character explains when a young boy ticks him off for dancing to filmy hits and not desh bhakti songs. "Television me jo dikhayenge wohi karenge". So yes we will go and buy tickets for Besharam, and probably make it a hit for its holiday season and there is just so many times one can watch Lunchbox.

    But why did we stay in our seats? Why don't you look around as the end credits roll, see

    those goofy smiles as the Real Superstar Couple and Son dance on the screen. Yes, for

    them. Just them.

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