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  • This rom-com just about passes muster

    El Matador

    Desimartini | Updated - March 16, 2014 19:03 PM IST
    3.2DM (1875 ratings)
    2.3Critic (8 ratings)

    Verdict - AVERAGE written all over it.

    BewakoofiyaanWatch trailerRelease date : March 14, 2014

    After emerging as an actor to watch out for, in movies such as Vicky Donor and Nautanki Saala, Ayushmann Khurrana gets to pair up with the reigning style diva of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor. We also have the experienced Rishi Kapoor playing a substantial role yet again thereby proving his popularity and demand as a solid character actor. 


    What we see is a typical Bollywood rom-com where recession and the boyfriend Mohit’s subsequent unemployment play the spoilsport in the romance. Ego issues crop up as a result of the guy’s financial insecurities and there is a fall out between the pair, before the inevitable drama and patch-up in the climax. We also have Mohit trying to please his girlfriend’s domineering dad who is just into retirement. Though the dad loathes the sight of Mohit at the start and thinks he is a loser with a sub-standard pay packet, his dynamics with Mohit gradually change and he develops a liking towards the inherent goodness in Mohit. 


    Ayushmann Khurrana with his spikey hair and natural charm performs earnestly. After making such an impact with the path-breaking Vicky Donor and the somewhat novel Nautanki Saala, this is a very normal outing for Ayushmann. Coming from YRF, he would have hoped for a better film.


    The tall and leggy Sonam Kapoor looks classy in her business formals and we also get to see her in a stunning two piece bikini for the first time on screen. She carries herself so well. She plays an affluent young woman who earns well and is obsessed with brands like Zara, Mango and can’t miss her periodic dose of rock shows, parties and outings. She copes gracefully with her boyfriend’s sudden fall from grace thanks to the depth of their love, before they fallout over ego issues. Though her performance leaves a lot to be desired, she looks the part as the young ‘fashionista’ and this role suits the real Sonam well. 


    Rishi Kapoor’s character traverses from being irritable to endearing towards the end, and the ace actor nails the performance and all the histrionics easily. His Sardar colleague is another well-enacted role and the two provide some hilarious moments with their conversations.  


    Raghu Dixit’s numbers count among the movie’s highlights. Though some of the numbers are unwarranted on screen, they have been composed well. Raghu croons the Bewakoofiyan track really well.


    The interval block comes in a jiffy and there is hardly a really impactful scene. The melodrama is upped in the second half before the typical 'happily ever after' ending. 


    Bewakoofiyan, like a typical Hollywood rom-com, runs for lesser than 2 hours including its songs and if you can tolerate its pace issues, you can survive the movie. Go with zero expectations to enjoy whatever you see on screen. This also has to be the most unassuming YRF product in recent times.

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