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A wedding video gone wrong

  • Smita Vyas Kumar

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - March 17, 2013 4:56 PM IST
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    Verdict - A very scattered second half sets this film astray

    Bittoo BossRelease date : April 13, 2012

    Bittoo Boss starts off cheerily enough with a Panju family wedding with lots of colour and laughter to mark the lead pairs entry. It also trots along breezily till the interval when it starts a slow deterioration, which you dont see coming, much like, says diabetes. And by the time you realize it, its time to amputate the rest of the movie.

    Bittoo Boss is a wedding videographer who believes his job is not just to document a wedding but to spread joy and happiness with the perfect motion caught in his videos. He falls in love with one of the girls at a wedding he is shooting and quite quickly they are in love. However, she wants him to be successful and earn more money (She is rich, he is poor) even if it by sucking up to some big guys. He refuses and then falls into the lure of secretly filming couples in hotel rooms to make porn films. Then things go wrong and then get righted quickly and the movie wraps up in a rush.

    Pulkit Samrat is kind of cute but with an Emraan Hashmi shadow clinging on him. He also has a very irritating hairstyle. But he has what we call promise. Amita Pathak as the love interest has an earthy look without the charm which makes her kind of boring, like mud. The one person who is fantastic is Ashok Pathak who plays his sidekick with a lot of flair and great comic timing. If you remember Deepak Dobriyal in Tanu weds Manu, his act is of that caliber. He lights up the second half and makes it watchable.

    Overall, the movie is ok. It wastes the promise it starts on and the lack of chemistry between the lead pair does not help matters.It tires to do a Band baaja baraat and fails. See it only if the summer inertia is driving you crazy.

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