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Bittoo sab ka paisa lega...mat dekho

  • Inspector VIjay

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - March 17, 2013 4:56 PM IST
    2.9DM (519 ratings)

    Verdict - Skip it

    Bittoo BossRelease date : April 13, 2012

    Producer Kumar Mangat had launched his daughter Amita Pathak in a mess of a film called Haal-e-dil a few years back. That same girl is being relaunched again by daddy, this time in a Band Baajaa Baaratish hangover called Bittoo Boss. Paired with a newcomer, is this hindi-punjabi fare with the right dose of tadka?
    Awfulthats all one can say of this mess of a film. And NO, its not anything like Band Baajaa Baarat.

    Bittoo(Pulkit Samrat) is the toast of all weddings in a small town in Punjab. They dont being till this videowalla comes and reels in the magic. At one such wedding he comes across a kudi(Amita Pathak) whom he takes a fancy to. She is strong headed, rich & doesnt quite see how this job of his is worth boasting about.
    Scorned & hurt, Bittoo decides to make a quick buck by shifting base to Shimla to shoot blue films with hidden cameras in hotel rooms. As with all hindi films, he does understand his mistake and eventually becomes a relationship expert of sorts, only to mess his own. Does he get the girl? Your guess is as good as mine.

    The film starts off with a bang & is quite fresh in its approach. The authentic lingo & supporting cast do a swell job. But once the conflict is in, so is the boredom. Though just above 2 hrs, the film feels stretched and tedious to watch.
    The latter half doesnt wish to end and there are parts which are plain simple stupid.

    The music by Raghav Sachar is bang on and so is the cinematography by Manish Bhatt. The casting of the extras is fantastic, especially the cabbie who joins Bittoo in his misadventures.

    From the actors, TV boy Pulkit Samrat is brilliant. Emotional scenes, humour & dancing, he does it all. Whatever good happens in this film is mainly credited to him. Repeat launchee Amita Pathak is really bad. Lack of acting skills coupled with not being a diva in the looks department means a no-show for her.

    Newbie director Supavitra Babul has his heart in place but sadly chooses a very age old approach to tell his story. Ethical dilemmas of the kind in the film were great for the 90s, not today.

    Overall, the film is a drag. Unlike the Bhatts, who sell sex outrightly, BB tries to sell a random morality lesson which Kalyug did with better songs. Pulkit Samrat deserves a better start as he can definitely take on much more than this. Watch it only for him if you must.
    Its even more disappointing that BB comes from the same stable that gave us Pyaar ka Punchnama last year. Skip it.

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