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Convulated Beyond REdemption

  • Ameet Bhuvan

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - November 25, 2013 8:01 AM IST
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    Verdict - A messy script that aims to achieve too many things let this one down

    Bittoo BossWatch trailerRelease date : April 13, 2012

    Comparing Bittoo Boss with Band Baaja Baraat is inevitable given the films similarity in its look and feel, yet at the same time, it is unfair. Comparing the two is like putting apples against oranges.

    Bittoo is a marriage wedding video-grapher, a small town guy with small ambitions and earnest intent and is one who believes in bringing out the emotions and happiness of a wedding in his video. He falls in love with Mrinalini, who is practical and makes him want to aim higher. The film is all about Bittoo's tryst with the shortcut to money and riches (making blue films using hidden cameras) and how his goodness drives him back to the right path.

    Marred by very Yash Raj Film-ish storyline, Bittoo Boss also suffers from weak characterizations. Bittoo is Ranveer from Band Baaja Baraat meets Ranbir from Saawariya- naive, innocent like the latter, street smart like the former. Unfortunately, both these characters do not gel well in the same person. So You have Bittoo who doesn't flinch from kissing a sundry wannabe girl in a wedding he is making a video of, while at the same time he would spout cringe worthy philosophy about how sex is the most innocent emotion between two individuals, something that shouldn't be violated by prying eyes. The female lead too is not a well etched out role and suffers from random shifts in tenor and tone.

    Pulkit as Bittoo is earnest. He has a definitely pleasing screen presence and can carry off emotions pretty well. Saddled by a thankless role, he still manages to rise above the mediocre script and shines through. Amita Pathak, the heroine, is not at all the typical heroine material and is impressive in parts. Vicky, the sidekick who comes into the film int he second half is the only character that is written well and performed amazingly by the actor on screen. He lights up the proceedings at a time when most of the film is yawn worthy.

    The biggest flaw with BB however, is the improbably impish script and amateur direction. The dialogues are preachy, too much of Gyaan on family, love, weddings and life is thrown liberally all over. The pacing is erratic, while most of the second half is implausible, especially the parts where Bittoo becomes a messiah for the very people he planned to shoot in the act on the sly.

    Bittoo Boss has its moments, however. There are times, especially in the first one hour, when the film really presents a slice of life satirical take on love and middle class Indian life. For the most part though, the film overstays its welcome. The effort in making an entertaining film is visible, sadly it only ends up being a very confused plot. Watch it only if you have to.

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