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  • Smita Vyas Kumar

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - March 23, 2014 4:37 AM IST
    3.9DM (5420 ratings)

    Verdict - A mad caper with Ajay Devgnin top form

    Bol BachchanRelease date : July 06, 2012

    Bol bachchan opens with Amitabh, Ajay and Abhishek in a colourful song that sets the mood for the rest of this wacky movie. And the mood is peppy, hilarious and plain crazy.

    The movie is a remake of the old Amol Palekar movie Golmal so you are already familiar with the story of the young man hoodwinking his upright employer into believing he has a twin brother. One lie leads to another till the whole thing is a mess that gets sorted in the end. Thankfully, the movie is set in a village somewhere and Utpal Dutt's eccentric employer is replaced by a pehelwan with a penchant for speaking English. The double roles are also more far fetched with one being Hindu and the other Muslim and gay. Making everything different but retaining the core of the story saves this movie from any comparison whatsoever with the original.

    Ajay Devgn as the English speaking Pehelwan is awesome. He is so unlike a comic hero but in every movie that he does a role like this he cracks me up. Abhishek has a tough act to follow and he just about manages to keep up. It does not help that Ajay gets the funniest lines with his nonsense English. Asin is subdued and Prachi Desai looks cute but doesn't have much to do. Krushna Abhishek as the sidekick is a bit grating and artificial but Asrani as always is a natural. Archana Puran Singh plays the mom cum nautch girl with aplomb.

    Bol has the Rohit Shetty stamp all over it. Lot of funny lines, mad situations, people getting bashed up and vehicles getting blown up , toppled and crashed into randomly.

    If you liked the Golmaal series then you are a fan of the Rohit Shetty style of movie making and you will like this one. Kids specially who have not seen the original will definitely enjoy it, though the violence I must warn you though harmless and not gory is a bit over the top.

    Not all the gags work, (Abhishek's dance to a medley of songs for eg falls flat) and you get the feeling that this is because they are trying too hard at such times. All in all, a fun mindless watch. Popcorn khao, laugh lots and enjoy the weekend.

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