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  • Gimme a break!

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - November 26, 2010 14:21 PM IST
    2.9DM (976 ratings)
    Break Ke BaadWatch trailerRelease date : November 26, 2010

    Just like women these days look pretty much the same-coloured straight hair, high heels, large sunglasses and larger handbags, movies also have started resembling each other. Break ke baad could have been Anjana Anjani could have been Dostana for all I care. And Priyanka and Deepika look like sisters- racerback ganjis and booze bottle in hand (maybe they are meant to signify the young modern Indian woman or something) All the characters in all these movies look like they are realted to each other (Second cousinns at least), and of course they all live abroad.

    This movie has a long standing couple splitting up and the situations that arise from that. There is nothing new about the story and worse still there is nothing new in the way of telling it. The relationship skims the surface and fails to engage you emotionally in its dilemmas and conflicts Of course all the fights they have are pointless since the end is so predictable you wont need a spoiler alert.

    Deepika is good in the flashing eyes and sweet smile dept but shows no improvement in her acting. She should probably pair up with Aditya Roy Kapoor in a movie. Eager beaver meets flashing eyes will have better chemistry than Imran and Deepika who act like siblings. Imran tries to look mature and would have managed it but for his baby faced looks. Shahana Goswami and Yudhishir Urs who actually play siblings are believable and likeable in their strict sister-crazy brother act.

    The songs are as insipid as the movie.

    Its time pass viewing but so is watching peak hour traffic go by sitting in a cozy room with a coffee. Pleasant and vapid.

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  • Ram


    4 Reviews
    Rated 1.5May 25, 2011

    Break Ke Baad

    Nice movie

  • Abhishek Saxena

    Abhishek Saxena

    6 Reviews
    Rated 2.0April 04, 2011

    great movies

    great movies

  • Mansi Dutta

    Mansi Dutta

    10 Reviews
    Rated 1.5January 12, 2011

    Break toh banta hai!

    I always thought Deepika couldnt act. One up for her! She lives up to my expectations. She s-p-e-a-k-e-s her dialogues. Poker face. (Oh, I think sh...read more

  • Ankit Chauhan

    Ankit Chauhan

    7 Reviews
    Rated 0.5December 17, 2010

    BREAking Point

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  • Dinesh Kumar

    Dinesh Kumar

    5 Reviews
    Rated 0.5December 06, 2010

    Lazy film making

    Break Ke Baad is a hangover from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. It is about two friends who take the whole movie to discover they want to marry each other. ...read more