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All audience reviews of Budhia Singh - Born To Run

  • Born To Run: Made to move you!

    Shefali Saxena (22,884 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 04, 2016 21:17 PM IST
    3.3DM (788 ratings)
    Budhia Singh - Born To RunWatch trailerRelease date : August 05, 2016

    An hour into budhia, the makers slap the society in the face. If you've ever had a child labourer at your home, get ready to be humiliated.

    Budhia born to run makes you teary eyed with a lump in your throat that we still live in a society that practices child trafficking.

    You get goosebumps when budhia's mother in the movie asks Manoj Bajpai to keep at his home to do jhadoo pochha.

    The absolutely overwhelming smile on budhia's face even after running for five hours is just amazing! A little kid who pees in his pants at night runs like a rabbit in day light.

    Budhia born to run is immensely real and inspiring to say the least.

    His Critics call him a "Performing monkey", others denounce him by saying "His father was an alcoholic he died."

    Budhia born to run highlights how easily our people shower garlands and flowers, bathe famous people in milk and how quickly they forget and criticise successful people, or let's say they're unable to digest someone else's success.

    The background score gives the right momentum to the film and the sound effects of the little kid breathing give you thrills.

    The performance of Shruti Marathe as Biranchi's wife is commendable. Manoj Bajpai helms the movie like a boss, but the film belongs to Mayur Patole the little Budhia. He doesn't let you believe for a single moment that he's not Budhia.

    While Budhia gets lured by the red cycle and new shoes and all the fame he gets, the film does alarm you about how much pressure do we put on little kids to perform and win the race of life.

    Budhia Born to Run questions the practice of exploiting children for economic support, especially in poor families. How the crackers burnt for his welcome can
    fund a hand pump is thought provoking.

    "Jitna zyada tang karoge utna zyada daudunga!" shouts the little Budhia and you wish you could say this and get rid of all negative people in life!

    What's worth applause in the movie is the fact how they show Narayan Murthy, Milkha Singh and P T Usha. Biranchi highlights how they're not marathon runners and that's what is a simple message to us, that every individual is different.

    How a little child's talent fell prey to politics and propaganda is the story of Budhia Born To Run.

    Chhaya Kadam as the Child Welfare Minister is absolutely applaud worthy!
    You should watch Budhia Born To Run even if you know the story because the film shows you his life from a 360 degree angle and has more to it than just a runner who has been forgotten.

    It could be your story because you too could be a Budhia!

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