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  • Inspector VIjay

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - November 16, 2013 1:38 AM IST
    3.1DM (394 ratings)

    Verdict - the mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012...i think they saw CC !!

    Chaalis ChauraasiWatch trailerRelease date : January 13, 2012

    With a slew of releases this week, its difficult to decide which one to pick. I decided to catch the one with the most known faces (read:Naseerudin & K.K.Menon). A crime caper involving a group of 4 crooks, does this film provide a bang for your buck?
    The only thing ends up banging here is your head on the wall as Chaalis Chauraasi really makes one wonder as to how such films make it to the screens to torment the paying audience.

    The story involves 4 guys, Naseer, KK, Ravi Kissen & Atul Kulkarni who are all in to make a quick buck. They decide to bust a big deal faking themselves to be cops but in turn get caught in a crime situation with a real cop. The film works on the madness that ensues and the eventual outcome of their escapade. Do they get the money? Do they trick the cops?
    The only trick being played here is by the makers to take your money.

    The film starts off on a horrendous note with 2 back to back songs. Please note that music director Lalit Pandit tries to make a couple of more Munni clones but ends up providing some substandard music which has intolerable visuals.

    The screenplay is shoddy as it goes back and forth just for the sake of it & thinks that replaying redundant scenes is some stylish way of storytelling. Theres also lack of continuity in parts as shirts change colours with great ease.

    The actors are great. KK does a brilliant job, followed closely by Naseerudin & Atul K. Even the supporting cast does very well but sadly, the actors are sabotaged by some atrocious writing, especially in one of the most harrowing & long drawn climax sequences in a while.
    It involves bazooka launchers, crotch grabbing & bums on fire amongst more. One expects better script selection from actors of this calibre.

    Director Hriday Shetty fails on every count. Though having done a half decent job on PLAN earlier with Sanjay D & Gupta, this time he forgets to entertain us in the entirety as this 2 hour journey (which feels like multiple lifetimes) eventually makes you pull your hair out.

    This is one film where Crocin can do fantastic advertising by distributing free meds right outside the exit gate. Im sure not too many people want to catch this anyways, but those who considered doing it..I shall await a gesture of appreciation as I strictly warn you of this epic mindrape that is Chaalis Chaurasi.

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