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Aur phir Lots of hasi and mazak

  • Smita Vyas Kumar

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 19, 2013 8:02 AM IST
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    Verdict - A light hearted movie with no intellectual pretensions. Enjoyable watch

    Chaar Din Ki ChandniWatch trailerRelease date : March 09, 2012

    In the good ol days when we had only Doordarshan to entertain us, there used to be a show on Sunday mornings called Haas parihaas featuring two very funny guys- Baban Prabhu and I.S.Johar. They used to crack simple jokes that even school kids would understand and then we would use the same jokes for school plays too, where Ramu would swab the floor with oil and fry the pakodas in soapy water etc. All very silly stuff but we would all laugh, including adults at the silliness of it all.

    Char din ki chandni is that sort of movie, with the feel of a well enacted school play that had funds for sets and costumes. The story is simple and told at a clipping pace. Vir, a Rajput royal, is in love with Chandni, a Punjabi girl. His dad will never allow a marriage between the two because of the disparity in status and so starts all sorts of subterfuge that snowballs into confusion and mayhem. To add to the merriment, Virs three older brothers, a drunk, a lech and a sportsman also vie for Chandnis affections. To round off the story we have Johny Lever playing the villain.

    You can tell that the actors had a ball making this caper. A lot of the jokes seem to have evolved on the sets but they are good pjs that keep us laughing. Tushar Kapur takes off on his dad big time in a song, dressed in all white and dancing amongst shiny pots. Anupam Kher hams to his hearts content as the royal with a chip on his shoulder. Om Puri plays the Punjabi dad but does not look very comfortable doing comedy. Kulraj Randhawa,s charming with her dimples and bright eyes. Her peppy nature is infectious. Anita Raj as the royal mother Devika Rani looks to the manor born.

    I had low expectations from this movie and came out full of high spirits. It has no intellectual pretensions in its humour and if you leave yours behind you are sure to have a good time. A totally feel good experience.

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