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  • Jailed for life

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - October 01, 2011 21:29 PM IST
    2.9DM (112 ratings)
    ChargesheetWatch trailerRelease date : September 30, 2011

    Chargesheet is a fascinating movie for two reasons. One, it is a symbol of the enthusiasm and energy of Dev Anand who at his age is still making movies. Second, it is a movie whose entire fulcrum is boobs. They are all over the place from the first scene to the last.
    The movie is a murder mystery. A failing actress chases a director, writer, actor trio to a new film shoot in Mahabaleshwar to beg for a role in a new movie. They cant give it to her because the heroine of the movie is the mistress of a Dubai based gangster who has financed the movie. On the scene is also a retired Inspector General of Police who is the actress father- in- law who hates her for abandoning the family for an acting career. She is murdered and the IG decides to find the killer since he is accused of the same by a corrupt cop who is being bribed by the gangster. There is also a side story of a strange gypsy woman who lusts after a 2 lakh lehenga and a waiter who lusts after her.
    The film looks like a play staged by a better off amateur dramatics society. The story has its twists and turns but everything pales in comparison to the Boobs. The heroines are all uniformly raunchy and prefer to wear a flimsy bra covered by a short knotted T shirt and shorts. The heroine wears these clothes because she is shooting for a movie, the waif because she is poor and the failed actress because she is a failed actress. There is one particular memorable shot where the girl runs towards the camera and the shot ends with us nearly buried into these plentiful assets. Revolting.
    The movie has a bunch of actors gamely doing their stuff. Naseeruddin Shah gets to have the most fun as the underworld don since he gets to romp on a huge gaudy bed with the starlet. But the discovery of the movie has to be Devshi Khanduri who plays the gypsy waif. I have never seen a woman with such flexible limbs who can contort herself in a million ways. Once you have seen her pole dancing with her pink guitar I swear you have been spoiled for life. I dont know about her acting career, but she can be our great Olympic medal hope in gymnastics. The craziest and most ironic casting is that of Amar Singh as the Home Minister. I died laughing I swear.
    Dev Anand needs a para to himself. Dressed in his trademark scarf and loose denim jacket he delivers his lines in his own style and some flawless English. I wish he would play his age sometimes though here at least he has the sense to play a retired cop. I would really like to know what goes on in his mind when he is making these movies.
    Chargesheet is a waste of time, money and energy. Old men should play out their fantasies in home movies and not inflict them onto empty theatres.

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