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    Desimartini | Updated - March 17, 2013 4:54 PM IST
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    Chillar PartyWatch trailerRelease date : July 08, 2011

    If I were to declare my half-yearly Top 10 list of movies, I would plead for an weeksextension, so as to accommodate Chillar Party within the Top 5. A little film with a massive heart, a kiddie film with a strong message to the adults and assumingly-smart, Chillar Partys central premise might be to save the societys car-washers (an underage kid) black and white pariah, but the film uses the tool to metaphorically (and musically) demonstrate that in no manner should we under-estimate the potential of children, as their capabilities strengthen according to their needs.

    Directed by debutante duo Vikas Bahl and Nilesh Tiwari, and financed by actor Salman Khan and Ronnnie Screwalas UTV, Chillar Party is a gang of 5-7 kiddies with funny names, each justifying their individual traits. So if Lucky Singh is teased as Pannauti by his cronies because whatever he says, the opposite occurs, red-specked Arjun is the Encyclopedia for hed tell you what a complex acronym like NOC stands for in a matter of seconds. On the same graph, we delightfully get to meet Akram, Jhangya, Aflatoon, Second Hand, Silencer, Shaolin and the only girl, who makes a late entry Toothpaste (because she did a TV ad)

    Another kid, from the lower section - Fatka is employed by the society secretary Tandon a highly disliked uncle by the party for cleaning up cars. Fatka is your local Mumbai guy, he is street-smart and his lingos akin to the tapori gangsta. He is all 7, but his banter and eccentricity is that of a grown-up fellow. He is honest and full of self-respect. He earns for the work he does, and is not a beggar, he knows. So if the Chillar Party snubs him at first, thinking his pet would be a spoiler at their cricket-pitch, he ensures they cry Sorry thrice before supporting them for a match with a rival society team.

    By now, you may have understood that the characters designed in the film by the writers are extremely witty and free of stereotypes. These are descent kids, one of a kind, and in a hilarious scene, it is explained how they adapt to Fatkas lingo, much to their parents horror.

    Trouble arises when a politicians ambitious scheme to free Mumbai city from stray dogs leads to Bhidu (Fatkas pet, and the Chillar Partys favorite too) becoming a soft victim. It is now on them to apply their tiny brains and with wit and logic fight not only against the politician, but also the society, and gain support from the media as well as their parents.

    The film is flooded with some thoroughly amusing and funny one-liners, and is laced with shockingly perfect performances. So if you go expecting the children to over-do their act, or screech aloud to add plausibility to their dialogue, youll be in for a pleasurable surprise.

    Apart from the performances, what is right with this film is the story, which has got a cute little racy plot which starts for the cause of saving the overgrown-puppy, but manifests into a humongous revolution. Here, the makers also hint on moral values, courage in times of valorous situations and what confidence one possesses when s/he is doing the right thing. There in comes the emotional graph of the film. Some moments, where the makers include the positive influence of Fatka on his affluent peers are genuinely heart-warming.

    Also, the film is fairly hard to predict. When Fatkas almost kicked out from the building, a completely fresh twist keeps us hanging, and also makes us applaud in our appraisal.

    Although it may come to a slightly overpowering climax, co-directors Vikas and Nitish make it look every-bit real and most of all compelling and inspirationally believable. Chillar Party from the outlook doesnt flaunt the strength it holds from within, is that its USP, or weakness, it is hard to tell. But whatever, the film is one of the finest socio-comedy based on children. Its also got a definite repeat value, for the striking resemblance of the kids with actuality, and also because its wit.

    Missing this ones missing some real good cinematic deal.

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