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Too many subplots kill a fine film

  • Manu Agrawal

    Manu Agrawal (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 03, 2013 2:17 AM IST
    3.4DM (1346 ratings)

    Verdict - Not something to be overtly excited about.

    D-DayWatch trailerRelease date : July 19, 2013

    The idea is simply brilliant and very imaginative - capturing bringing India's most wanted terrorist back. The casting looks inviting - Irrfan and Huma Qureshi as Indian spies, and Rishi Kapoor as the top guy. He looks every bit of it. The cinematography is classy.

    Still the film lets you down massively - simply because the Director wanted this one film to be a heist flick, a tragic love story, a terrorist's biography and a socio-political drama all in one. Too much to expect from a single movie, no matter how capable the Direction might be.

    D-Day disappointed me because I went to see an authentic spy caper where there are intricate plotlines and thrilling chases. I went to see a movie where the tension build up is so high that nobody dares say a single word, lest Dawood hears it. And above all, I went to see Rishi kapoor enact a fearsome portrayal of a cunning man who has captured India's imagination for 2 decades.

    Sadly, it failed to deliver on any of these counts.

    To be fair, the film has as many good points as it has bad. The plot itself, which seems to be a sequel of 'A Wednesday' has tremendous potential to be loved by the masses, as it sees India striking back on terrorism. The realistic portrayal of a spy crack team is a first for Bollywood, who has till now just seen super heroes. The cinematography is simply awesome, what with the classy angles and close ups. Watch out for the Shruti Haasan & Arjun Rampal post-interval song, which is beautifully macabre (Atleast I can't remember watching any other song made on this theme). The first half holds promise with a gameplan that seems to be going well.

    Sadly, the plot digresses at a lot of places when the life stories of two Irrfan and Arjun are being laid out. The idea behind these might be to sympathize with the characters which does not play out well as that weakens the plot, and you end up getting confused of whether to root for Dawood to be captured or to be released, as the protagonists have a lot to lose. The life stories are not well told anyway, as there are many gaps which the Director does not bother to fill.

    The other major letdown is the lack of good lines for Rishi Kapoor, who had the potential and the role to achieve tremendous critical acclaim. The monologue at the end is totally unwarranted - no villain gives a lesson on bravery to his captors. Above all, Mr Kapoor fails to terrify the viewers with a larger-than-life personality or his kidnappers by giving them any kind of trouble.

    D-Day is a film with a brilliant idea and a great team which got distracted somewhere in between. Still, it shows that Bollywood has the potential to create the next Argo or Valkyrie.

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