The' polerised underworld'.

  • Dev Raj Gulati

    Dev Raj Gulati

    Desimartini | Updated - September 10, 2017 7:20 PM IST
    3.1DM (13776 ratings)

    Verdict - A gripping crime drama.

    DaddyWatch trailerRelease date : September 08, 2017
    Daddy is purported to be an incomplete biopic of a gangster Arun Gulab Gowli ( Arjun Rampal) who reigned the underworld turf for two decades(80-90s).Why incomplete? Partly because the character is still alive and partly because the story is told only till 2012.May be there could be a part 2 in the near future.
    Being a gangster film ,it has all the elements - why do poor and humble people indulge in crime? why are they mavericks? why do they derive sadistic pleasure in senseless shootings? why is their family life chequered? why do they continue to be stigmatised even when they have atoned for their acts?
    The presentation of the story is so realistic as if one is viewing reality.The performances by all is so powerful that it leaves an impact.The screen play has been well researched.Minute details of the period have been taken care of.There is swiftness and suddeness of shooting sequences .
    The characterisations of two dons( Gawli) and Maqsood( Farhan Akhtar) makes us believe that the underworld got polerised on communal lines.The cops seem to be working more as the front men of the dons rather than doing their duties impartially.Nishikant Kamat( Vijaykar Nitin)remains partial towards Maqsood.
    A special mention needs to be made for Aishwarya Rajesh( Zubeida aka Asha) the suffering wife of Gawli and a single parenting her daughter .She is superb.
    What lessons are learnt?
    No criminal act can be justified merely because the circumstances are rough.Means are equally important as the ends.
    Those who live by guns ,die by guns.
    The nexus of politicians and the criminals must not be allowed to exist.For this the cops have to be impartial.
    A criminal needs to be 'socialised' and not ' ostracised' a la the assembly members who all spoke against Gawli despite he been elected as an MLA.
    Despite being a gangster ,one empathised with the plight of the criminal post the birth of a daughter.
    All in all Daddy needs to be watched despite the story being dated.

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