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why is it 3D?

  • Inspector VIjay

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - December 21, 2013 8:30 PM IST
    3.2DM (924 ratings)

    Verdict - keep an ambulance on call

    Dangerous IshhqWatch trailerRelease date : May 11, 2012

    Now it is a known fact that 4 out Vikram Bhatts last 5 films(not counting this one & the next) have been of the horror genre. Of them, NONE have been able to even remotely excite our minds or scare us into enjoying them. This time, he RE-turns with Karisma Kapoors comeback film which deals with using past life regression to solve a present day mystery. She calls it her most challenging role yet, is it?
    All I know is that it was one of the most challenging experiences for me as a viewer to sit through this atrocity.

    Uber-sexy supermodel Sanjana(Karisma Kapoor) has everything going right. She is a known name on the social circuit & has a billionaire businessman boyfriend Rohan(Rajneesh Duggal). An unfortunate turn of events leaves her life in shambles as her soulmate Rohan is kidnapped by leather-jacketed goons who demand huge sums of money.

    For the next few hours, Sanjana struts around in her heels, meanders through the partition, the Mughal empire & a hilariously
    ridiculous Rajputana chapter. What remains common is that she has a love that has lasted many generations but hasnt been able to reach its fitting end. Someone is keeping the two lovers apart. Who is this vile creature?
    You really dont want to find out.

    At two and a half hours, you really need to be having a tauter screenplay to keep an audience gripped and writer Amin Hajee decides to do exactly the opposite. Parts of the film look like a trashy 80s flick and the balance like a comedy of errors.

    The music by Himesh R has a couple of decent tracks but nothing to take home really. Being a self-proclaimed Himesh fan, it left be disappointed.

    Of the cast, Karisma Kapoor fans will be disappointed as she is wasted. Yes, she still has the goods but sadly she has chosen a return vehicle that has no engine whatsoever. She is supported by Jimmy Shergill who attempts to put give ACP Singh some value.

    The film also has a wide array of crappy performances that surely unintentionally entertain. They are lead by Gracy Singh(remember Lagaan) with a rather wooden Rajneesh Duggal at a close second.
    What can be said about director Vikram Bhatt. Time & again he delves with the Horror genre & has now started scaring me by just attempting it time & again. His next film is Raaz 3, which I dont think ill dare to watch.

    To sum it up, DI is a colossal failure and sadly it does no justice to Karisma Kapoor. I urge people to avoid this mess as there are many more films to choose from. If you still watch it, please post your experiences below.

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