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  • Sensitive comeback Dear Maya.

    Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 08, 2017 21:00 PM IST
    2.7DM (1063 ratings)

    Verdict - Must watch for viewers of good cinema.

    Dear MayaWatch trailerRelease date : June 02, 2017

    It's after many year's that viewers are seeing Manisha Koirala ( in the title role) and Irawati Harsha(in a parental role) in this woman centric film with a ray of hope.Full marks to Sunaina Bhatnagar in her debut as the director cum writer .Also,the two new girls Madeha Imam ( as the sobre Anna) and Shreya Singh Chaudhary ( as the boisterous Ira) in the sisterly friend roles.
    Essentially speaking Dear Maya is a fictional drama shot in actual locations in Shimla and Delhi.
    Maya Devi is staying in a 'self imposed seclusion ' in her dilapidated house in Shimla.She's is in her 40s,cheated and abandoned by her uncle,all for property .She has been made to remain unmarried .She seldom ventures to see the outside world.A victim of patriarchy onslaught.
    Two convent going 10th standard girls ( Anna and Ira),living in the neighbourhood ,start guessing as to what might have been the reason for Maya's solitude ? They imagine perhaps it could be a love affair gone wrong? They start posting 'imaginary love letters' to her addressed as Dear Maya.In one such letter the fictitous address of her ' lover' staying in Delhi is mentioned.Maya has auctioned all her property in Shimla and moved to Delhi to trace her ' lover'.By now Anna has been sent to Delhi by her mother to stay at a boarding school and a college to compete her studies .Why? Anna takes this opportunity to trace Maya.Does she succeed?
    Where does Dear Maya score? The presentation is perfect.Sensitive.Only women can understand the predicatement of suffering loaners.Manisha Koirala surely draws empathy in her Lootera type subdued performance.Her shifting from Shimla to Delhi brings an attitudinal change in her outlook.Now she's an "assured and empowered woman.Does she meet her lover?
    The relationship between Anna and Ira has several dimensions.From sisterly to envious to sacrificing .Both girls give an awesome performance.They have a bright future.
    The scene stealers - Anna and her mother engaged in charity work at an old age home.Ira telling Anna of losing her boy friend in an accident .Who's this boy? Reference to adoption as an alternative to be parents.
    The one liner' - ' bees minute ki mulakat,bees saal ke pyar main badal jaati hai'.
    The short comings- The girls could have been socially associated with Maya in Shimla itself rather than writing imaginary letters.Why would Anna plaster and deface the college wall to trace the missing Maya? She could have easily posted the message in social media platforms.After all she has surfed Google to build an ' imaginary story in posting her anonymous letters to Maya.The men are ' mere props ' in this woman centric plot.
    A surprise awaits viewers in the guest appearance in the climax.Who? He isn't a Khan or a Kapoor.
    Go see for your self.

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  • Dev Raj Gulati

    Dev Raj Gulati

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    Rated 4.0June 08, 2017

    Sensitive comeback Dear Maya.

    It's after many year's that viewers are seeing Manisha Koirala ( in the title role) and Irawati Harsha(in a parental role) in this woman centric fi...read more