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  • Crass Humor Made Glamorous

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 01, 2011 13:09 PM IST
    3.7DM (3089 ratings)
    Delhi BellyWatch trailerRelease date : July 01, 2011

    Delhi Belly takes crassness and grossing up people to another level, a level that entertains and engages.

    The story is about three friends/flatmates all screwed up by life, who find themselves in a tight spot through the course of the film. Imran, as Tashi, is a journalist, while Kunaal is a photo journalist and Vir das is an employee fed up of a bossy boss. All three are tormented by work, girls and life in general. The film takes a very sarcasm laden comical journey through their lives.

    The film is full of expletives and F words embellish every second line. The lingo might put off a few in the audience, while a lot might connect to the uber-cool dialogues. What will definitely shock everyone is the in your face grossness of actions and scenes on screen, mainly cause we arent used to seeing such stuff in public, leave alone on screen.

    Performances are good. Imran is competent; Vir is funny while Kunaal is sure to walk away with all the accolades. Ram Sampaths music compliments the mood and feel of the story perfectly. Playing in the background almost entirely, the songs are almost another character in the story. Amir and Anushas item song, of course, is the highlight for me.

    The best part of Delhi Belly, however, is the smart packaging of the product. At 90 odd minutes without an interval, it is crisp and continuous-packing in enough meat to engage. The narrative does sag at places, but since there is no break in between, it is hard not to have fun and wait for things to move on.

    Delhi Belly turns toilet humor and crude sex jokes into an inventive script. Is this a trendsetting milestone for Hindi films? The attempt pays off this time, but god save us if we are tormented to other such Bellys from rest of the Hindi cinema brigade. A film like this needs brains and wit to make-Delhi Belly has it in oodles, not all will.

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    hey this is very bad movie pag

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