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    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - May 18, 2014 4:22 PM IST
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    Verdict - RGV ka Cam Sutra

    DepartmentWatch trailerRelease date : May 18, 2012

    I remember a long time ago, in an interview Rgv had said that he used to watch films he liked in the theatre a second time with his eyes closed. He did that to enjoy the sound design of those movies. I guess the time has come to watch Rgv films with eyes closed. The problem is that nowadays you cant even enjoy his films with eyes closed.

    Whats it about? - Sanjay Dutt is called in to create a separate department of encounter specialists to eradicate two gangs. He brings in a suspended officer Rana Daggubatti into his team. Together they embark on an encounter killing spree until a gangster turned politician Amitabh Bachchan makes an appearance, after which the film turns into a jigsaw puzzle that calls for a bravery award for any person who tries to figure out whats happening.

    My take Rgv experimented shooting a film without a DOP last year in his Telugu film called Dongala Mutha. He repeated the same experiment in Not a love story by taking kids from an institute and giving them digital cameras to shoot the film. Here too he does the same and calls the technique Rogue Filmmaking. I call it Cam Rogue and that song from Prem Rog comes to mind arre kuch nahi hai bhaata jab rogue yeh lag jaata. Yeh hai cam roguei. Iski dawa toh karao. Jao jao jao kisi vaid ko bulao.

    His films have become more of a gimmick show and every new release tempts you to enter the theatre to see what new levels of stupidity he has achieved this time around. The thing is you cant live with an Rgv film and you cant live without it. A shot of Sanjay Dutt being punched in his face in super slo mo is precious and made me laugh the loudest. Then there is Madhu Shalini who is the funniest and the most entertaining characters amongst all. All of this is unintentional of course. Giving her company is Abhimanyu Singh. He makes a joke of himself and makes you wonder if Ransa from Gulaal was a fluke. Both of them looked like RGV ke Ishaqzaade. The only actor who comes across sane is Lakshmi Manchu who plays Sanjay Dutts wife. I hope to see more of her but not in an Rgv film of course. The camera technique which the director claims is his usp stays almost still only during Nathalia Kaurs item number. With Not a love story and Department Rgv has covered every nook & corner possible where the camera can be placed. I am curious to know where the camera will go next.

    Word of mouth RGV ka Cam Sutra

    Rating - ** (Below Average)

    Ticket Meter Worth 100 bucks only if you have the sense of humor to enjoy it as a comedy.

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