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  • These boyz entertain !!!

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - November 28, 2011 15:29 PM IST
    3.8DM (3241 ratings)

    Verdict - One time watch

    Desi BoyzWatch trailerRelease date : November 25, 2011

    After a gap of 6 years, Akshay-John return for a Bromantic comedy where they play male strippers in a film that is Rohit Dhawans launch vehicle. With a couple of catchy songs and a fresh feel, does this warrant a theatre watch?
    This one is a breezy bollywood entertainer that classifies as a good one time watch.

    Nick(John) and Jerry(Akshay) are buddies who live together in London. While Nick is a high-flying LSE grad, Jerry is a dropout who does odd jobs. Recession hits both of them and they wind up needing to take up a job at Desi Boyz escort service. Ofcourse they have their reasons for doing so but all this comes to a grinding halt and the friends have fallout. The rest of the film deals with Jerry trying to get his life on track by going back to school and Nick trying to win his girl Deepika.

    One thing that doesnt quite come across in the promos is that this is almost a family film. The stripper bit is just a part of the story and at heart it is a mass entertainer. The humour is in good doses and the climax is beautifully treated.

    At 2 hours, the film is quick and doesnt drop too much. Yes, there are emotional moments in the first half that arent quite the winners but overall the product is well handled.

    Of the performances, Akshay does justice to Jerry and is much more restrained than some of his outings last year. John who shares almost the same screentime doesnt quite match up to him but the chemistry between them is terrific.

    But the show stealer, in a roaring cameo is Sanjay Dutt as he brings a smile on your face in every scene he is a part of. He itself makes the film worth watching. Anupam Kher too is hilarious. The women look sizzling.

    Director Rohit Dhawan impresses for his first outing. He balances the humour and the emotions and serves up a film that should ideally be lapped up by the janta. At the same time, he maintains a crisp 2 hour film that lets up only a few times. One waits for more work from him.

    To sum it up, Desi Boyz works. Its the kind of film that gives you your moneys worth and at the same time is a light and easy Sunday evening watch. I would suggest people to watch it once just for the Akshay-John chemistry or Sanju baba having a ball. Dont expect too much and come out with a smile.

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    Rated 2.5March 15, 2012

    desi boyz


  • Abhishek


    1 Reviews
    Rated 3.0January 13, 2012

    Nice movie

    John & Akshay were good in the movie

  • Abhishek


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    Rated 3.5January 02, 2012

    Nice movie

    Good performances by Akshay & John

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    Nice movie

    Nice movie