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Desi Boyz bring a lot of joyz!

  • Smita Vyas Kumar

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 22, 2014 2:35 PM IST
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    Verdict - An enjoyable weekend watch

    Desi BoyzWatch trailerRelease date : November 25, 2011

    I really enjoyed watching Desi Boyz. Whats not to like really, if you think about it. The boyz, Akshay and John are in good physical form with well chiseled torsos; the women are pretty, the songs are catchy and the jokes, funny. That a theatre full of normally loud and non stop chattering teenagers was watching quietly and laughing at all the right places is proof that the movie was working very well indeed.

    Of course, you have to suspend reality a bit and understand its just a mad caper. You cannot expect much logic behind the action happening on screen. Akshay Kumar a college drop out WILL go to Trinity college to get a business management degree that requires SSC type mugging of answers, the judge in an unnecessary court scene WILL fall for the gigolo boss Sanjay Dutt, the recently graduated Akshay WILL get a job as an analyst by breaking up somebodys office and John Abraham WILL try to act. Its all in a days work in this movie and if you sprinkle salt and lemon generously on the helping on your screen it will be a nice and tasty dish.

    The story revolves around Jignesh Jerry Patel a loser college drop-out and his banker friend Nick played by John. Hit by the recession they lose their jobs and become Hunter and Rocco- gigolos for a company called Desi Boyz and go all out and pole dance for women at their bachelorette parties and such like. Of course their intentions are noble. Jerry has to win custody of his nephew by showing his ability to earn a living and John has to keep his high maintenance fianc happy. They of course get found out and get punished, fall apart, lose custody, girlfriend etc and then go for the happy ending.

    Akshay as Jerry is in good form. He seems relaxed and not over eager to please. John should just be filmed walking towards the camera with a smile and very little on to make an impact. I dont know why he bothers with acting or dialogues etc. No one wants an intelligent gigolo anyway. Chitrangada in her commercial film debut is wasted in a tiny role that she seems to relish. She is a good dancer from the little salsa she does and I hope to see more of those moves in other films. Deepika is getting bonier by the day and too monotonous. Anupam Kher plays the usual eccentric dad with well practiced aplomb. Sanjay Dutt as the boss of Desi Boyz puts in a very likeable act. Omi Vaidya is getting typecast as the nerdy guy but still manages to be funny.

    The music by Pritam is catchy. I especially liked Subah hone na de sung by Mika. However, Bosco Ceasers choreography disappoints big time. They had a lot of scope for some really cool moves given the catchy beats, two good looking men and lots of women but all we see are hackneyed routines.

    There is not much adult content so I wondered about the A certificate (even Chitrangada in her striptease only removes a sweater and a shirt).

    Overall, this is a fun and funny movie to watch. David Dhawans son has shown that he truly is his fathers son with this debut. And he makes an impact without the cheesy jokes that are his dads forte. Just sit back, relax and enjoyz.

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