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    Desimartini | Updated - September 22, 2014 2:36 PM IST
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    Verdict - One time.....

    Desi BoyzWatch trailerRelease date : November 25, 2011

    Rohit Dhawan does carry a lot of baggage. Being the son of the king of comedies (although in the 90s), David Dhawan does it have its expectations. (or after Rascals, does it?). But, yes, it opens many doors for one and that hence we have Desi Boyz.

    A concept inspired beautifully by The Full Monty, wherein the 2008s financial meltdown leads to 2 unemployed friends, Nick (John Abraham, Force) and Jerry (Akshay Kumar, Patiala House) to lead to the oldest profession in the world, becoming male escorts. So we have our well chiselled boys dancing their hearts away with a plethora of women and in some cases, men to be politically correct. But these are Desi Boyz, so sex is not part of the equation, we have values, U C!

    A very good and different premise by the debutante director, is let down by Rohit Dhawan the writer. On one side wherein he has made fantastic use of the telepathic conversations between Jerry and Nick (simply brilliant), on the other hand his reasoning for them to turn to male escorts at times does seem over the top. And this only covers the first half. The second half of the movie seems like a completely different film altogether, where the implausible takes over.

    Jerrys entire Back to School routine has been brilliantly benchmarked in Main Hoon Na, so it falls flat here, making the entire Chitrangada (Yeh Saali Zindagi) episode seem wasted. Deepika on the other hand has been given no justification in her character. Her supposedly gold digger attitude is what drives Nick to become an escort in the first place, all for her Valentino gown! Her acceptance of Nick also seems unjustified in the end. After Aarakshan it is another dud for this beautiful lady, who looks stunning once again.

    Dialogues by Milap Zaveri are good in patches. Natarajan S.s cinematography is decent. The music by Pritam is already a rage in the clubs, but at times the songs do seem forced.

    Mohnish Bahl is okay in the film. Omi Vaidya and Anupam Kher are wasted. Wonder why did they not publicise Omi ever! Sanjay Dutts cameo is just like his performance in Rascals.

    Akshay has been disappointing with his films in the past couple of years, Patiala House being the only exception. He does give a refreshing performance here, but his jingoistic dialogue involving Sabir Bhatia, Aryabhatta etc. seems forced! Again, his logic for turning to this business, not to lose the custody of his nephew does seem odd.

    John Abraham does seem more at ease playing the buddy with a golden heart. His onscreen chemistry with Akshay is brilliant and the only reason to see the film.

    Rohit does an excellent job as a debutante director, but fails in the writing department. All in all, go to see the film without any expectations and you will not come back disappointed. Some of the moments, do make you laugh....and how.

    Does it have The Y Factor:YES


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