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Dhadak: Sairat in 'Karan Johar' style

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    Desimartini | Updated - July 25, 2018 2:59 PM IST
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    Verdict - Watch it only if you have not watched Sairat and won't be able to get Sairat

    DhadakRelease date : July 20, 2018

    What do you expect when you set to see a Karan Johar movie? You know that it will have cinematic locations, grand mansions, good looking people and lot of emotions. Don't you? Watching a Karan Johar movie is like reading a fairytale. It might delve into fantasy every once in a while with its sappy and soppy sequences, but you will still be glued to your seats to know what happens next. Everything in his movie is larger than life and falls in the 'too good to be true' category.

    When KJo announced to remake Nagraj Manjule's masterpiece 'Sairat' in hindi, I couldn't imagine 'fairy tale' version of it. The charm of original Sairat was in its rawness. Nagraj used real locations and non actors to make it look real. For him story was the hero so he used locations, background music or actors as tools for storytelling. Overdose of any would have not created the same impact. With rich locations, Manish Malhotra costumes and star kids in lead, would Karan be able to create the same magic? I had my doubts.

    Director Shashank Khaitan had a tough ask to tell 'Sairat' story in Karan Johar style. So the story got shifted from small village of Maharashtra to beautiful Udaipur. Archie became Parthavi and moved to the royal palace and Parshya become Madhukar who runs lake side hotel (No one can be poor in a Karan Johar film. Period). Even the well in swimming scene became taalab and the cricket match got replaced by eating competition... and most importantly it is called 'Dhadak'.

    The first half of Dhadak is lighter and engaging thanks to few comic scenes and beautiful camera work. The second half is dull and dragged too much. Some editing could have made it bearable. The climax is twisted a bit but doesn't create the same impact. I tried my best not to compare 'Dhadak' with 'Sairat' but the songs and background scores ensured that I won't forget Sairat. I wonder if the lyrics were just written to make us realize how good the original version is.

    It is difficult to keep Dhadak away from the shadow of Sairat. But as a standalone movie, Dhadak looked like just any other love story with a tragic end. We see poor boy falling for rich girl almost in every second Bollywood movie. While trying to match Karan Johar's standards, Shashank Khaitan focused more on the look but lost the soul of the story in process. The movie looks grand and extravagant but fails to create the desired impact. You don't get connected to the characters.

    On the acting front, Ishaan Khattar looked very promising. Difficult to believe that it is his just second movie. He slipped into Madhukar's skin easily. Within first few scenes, you start seeing Madhukar in him. As Parthavi, Janhvi Kapoor looked gorgeous and confident. Ashutosh Rana is superb as Ratan Singh. He effortlessly portrayed every shade of his character. As Madhukar's friends Ankit Bisht as Gokul and Shridhar Watsar as Purshottam provided necessary support. Kharaj Mukherjee as Sachinda is played his part sincerely. Rest didn't have much scope.

    I think the producers looked at this project more as a launchpad for the star kids than a remake of Sairat. Had it been looked otherwise, Dhadak could have been certainly a different experience.

    Watch it only if you have not seen Sairat and there is no way you can get it. I will go with two stars.

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