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A must watch.. But strictly not for d masses..

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    Desimartini | Updated - June 17, 2015 3:24 PM IST
    3.3DM (1307 ratings)
    Dil Dhadakne DoWatch trailerRelease date : June 05, 2015

    Dil Dhadakne Do.. The movie takes us into the lifestyle of a dysfunctional Delhi based Punjabi business family. Anil Kapoor playing Kamal Mehra, is a wealthy billionare businessman who never shy's away from boasting the efforts and hard-work he has put in to reach this level. Shafali Shah plays Kamal Mehra's wife Neelam, who is a high flying socialite. Ranveer Singh playing Kabir Mehra, is the son of Kamal Mehra who is not able to match his Dad's steps when it comes to his family business. Priyanka Chopra, plays the role of Ayesha Mehra, the daughter of Mehras and wife to Manav played by Rahul Bose. Ayesha is a young enterpreneur in Mumbai who has her name in the Forbes Top 100 young businesswomen and at the same time is unhappy in her married life and is willing to divorce her husband. Kamal & Neelam Mehra have planned to invite their family and close friends to a cruise to celebrate their 30th wedding annievrsary.
    The ship sails and Zoya takes us for a ride into the movie's characters with their internal tiffs and compatibility differences. Soon we are witnessed to beautiful locales and some breathtaking scenery in European continent. On the ship, enters Anushka Sharma playing Farha Ali who is a dancer in the ship's dance troupe. Kabir gets attracted to Farha right from the onset and the two develop a more cohesive bond of love. Meanwhile, Kamal Mehra is trying to make his son marry the daughter of his super rich business friend Lalit Sood on the agreement that Sood will bail his firm Ayka out of losses. However destiny has other plans and nothing happens as desired. The movie takes a dig into the married life of Mehra's who share a relation full of show off's and devoid of any love and affection. Just before the interval, the movie introduces Farhan Akhtar as Sunny Gill who is a reputed journalist in 'The Geographic' and the son of Kamal Mehra's business manager. He shared a close relatioship with Ayesha Mehra before he was sent to the United States for further studies. Will Kabir get his lady love? Do Ayesha and Sunny re-invent their lost relationship? What happens next is for you to explore in the movie as you travel along with the stellar start cast showcasing the glitz and glamour on this royal cruise.
    Anil Kapoor as the rich and stylish Kamal Mehra is full of energy and delivers a power packed performance. Shafali Shah looks convincing of what was desired of her. Ranveer Singh uses the wit to his advantage and is the captain of this ship who always keeps the film floating with his impressive performance. Priyanka Chopra justifies her role and looks gorgeous throughout the movie. Anushka Sharma though does not have much to play but is flambouyant in her character. Farhan Akhtar as the cool and independent young journalist plays a cameo which lifts the movie with his screen presence. One of the scenes at the cruise bar which results in some altercation between him and Rahul Bose deserves a special mention for the way it was crafted with some aptly suited crisp dialouges. Rest of the supporting cast including Rahul Bose, Zareena Wahab & Parmeet Sethi do a fine job with their part. Last but not the least, Pluto Mehra who is the pet dog of Mehra's and also the narrator of the movie makes up for an important part in the story.
    Full credit needs to be given to the film's director Zoya Akhtar for bringing together an ensemble start cast and defining the roles for each of them to near perfection. She is by far ahead of all her contemporaries when it comes to depicting relationships in any form. The movie has some breezy fun moments that will keep a smile on your face for most part of the runtime. The movie revolves around it's prime characters who look so high profile and yet appear to be realistic when it comes to their family relationships and the bonding issues within them. Zoya dispalys the tiffs and arguments within the family with sheer honesty. She is one of the rare director's who has the ability to make the viewer peep into the character's mind and start empathising. It has those moments in some scenes wherein there are no dialogues but just a soothing background score that adds to what the director wants to portray with the perfect blend of emotions. The one thing thing that could have added to the movie's entertainment value would have been Shankar-Ehsan-Loy's music which is not upto the mark. Most of the songs look fine on the big screen but do not have the charm to make it to your playlist.
    The last word: The movie is a must watch for every cinema goer who has been fond of Zoya's work in the past and this movie offers nothing less. The movie will be mostly liked by the multiplex audience at the Urban centers who'll find it relatively easy to mingle with the film's characters. The movie derives it's entertainment value from the picturesque cinematography, the right mix of emotions & comedy with some brilliant performances by it's mega star cast. It should not be missed. I am going with a genuine 4 out of 5 stars for Zoya Akhtar's Dil Dhadkne Do which will keep you hooked to your seats right till the end despite it's streched runtime.

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